Your Chance to Shine?

Your Chance to Shine?

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times,

If one only remembers to turn on the light.”

J.K. Rowling

It is at times like these – possible second lock-down in the UK, number of suicides/attempted suicides attended by LAS up to 37 a day (22 in 2019), people being forced out of churches in Wales, social media clamping down on anything other than the “official story” etc. etc. – when things may seem at their darkest.

However, it is at these very times that it is most important to stand up, shine your light and radiate your truth. We all have the ability and the choice of doing that or not.

I see a number of people around who are firmly against the situation happening around us, yet are either too afraid or too busy with Netflix or something similar to take action. Several of the healers I am aware of actually deliberately avoid taking action, so as not to engage with the struggle in the collective and instead to keep own their energy safe and protected!! Whilst maintaining a strong vibration and protecting your energy is vital at these times, it doesn’t stop you engaging and shining your light into the darkness in ways which are wholesome and helpful.
Thinking that you can’t do that is quite simply a fear-based concept, and suggests they  are perhaps even missing the entire point of their entire incarnation?

 Taking incarnation, from a Soul perspective we have all chosen to incarnate during this time period, and we have done so for a very good reason. This is a time of potential great change for humanity and the way in which we live. And on a Soul level we most probably have decided to be active and to help make a positive difference to the situation around us.

The lesson is fear, and overcoming it on a collective level. Once we do that then there is no longer any need to live like this. If we avoid dealing with the fear and continue to live in it, or pay homage to it in whatever way, then it will keep on coming in various different guises. And the reality is who really wants to keep living in fear?

As John Lennon once sang, “Why are we here? Surely not to live in pain and fear”

As I have said before in these newsletters, the very ideology behind a lockdown/general current strategy is fear-based and decisions based on fear go absolutely nowhere. With all Soul/spiritual lessons they keep on repeating until they are overcome. There are many practical reasons why lockdown, vaccines etc. won’t ever work (however I don’t claim to be an expert on that) – however the underlying factor is that this is a spiritual lesson for humanity.

And that’s what will happen and keep on happening (the repeating fear lesson) with humanity unless we start making tangible choices in both our internal and external worlds to rise above fear, and deal with it.

If you are reading this newsletter (thank you) then in all likelihood, then you already know that. You might also know that this time is Your Chance to Shine. Just a few ideas on how to shine a bit of light into the darkness are listed in the sections below:

Just a few ideas on how to shine a bit of light into the darkness are listed below:

  • Write to Your MP – a positive succinct email expressing your dissatisfaction with a second lockdown – Click here for the link to do that and if you want a template for an email, (though I suggest you make it personal) then Whats App me.
  • Start reading the Daily mail (never though I’d put that in print) – they have interesting news stories from another perspective to the official narrative each day
  • Support small (and local) businesses – the boss of Amazon is involved in Space Exploration so he clearly has enough money already whereas small businesses are really under the hammer.
  • Engage in Random Acts of Kindness
  • Meditate on Sending Positive Energy to Others
  • Join my Meditation group – if you are willing to Commit
  • There are many more ideas

Love & Blessings