Worthy of the Time

Worthy of the Time 

 “I have so much to accomplish today that I must meditate for two hours instead of one.”

MK Gandhi

It’s a hectic life out there now for many people these days.  The internet has opened up the world, and presented us with more possibilities than our predecessors would ever have thought possible. If you are of a curious nature, then you might find yourself getting distracted more easily than ever, your spare time getting taken up before you even realise it, and the days just flying by without you getting your needs, wants and goals fully attended to. Life is BUSY!

When you get busy, the first thing that you need to start paying attention to is our inner world. When you perceive that you have less time and a lot of things to do, often the opposite of what you really need to do happens, and you spend less time nurturing your internal self, and as a result the external world has more of a pull on you, and starts to exert pressure and stress upon you without you being fully aware of that.

Whilst the external world may have changed dramatically within your own lifetime, and even more so within the lifetimes of your parents and grandparents, the essential nature of life has not really changed at all. Your inner world governs your external reality, and it always will. Everything is energy, and when you take the time to pay attention to the energy with a “positive” intention, then life flows more easily.

worthy of the time Most people know either conceptually, or perhaps from experience that we both we and our days function much better when we give ourselves time each day to sit in some form of energy practice or management. However, life being what it is, many people find themselves excuse to avoid sitting down with themselves, and as a result it is likely that the challenges of life gain more power over them.

A friend recently sent me a video that’s gone viral on YouTube where a military-sounding figure loudly praises and encourages the virtues of being disciplined early in the morning, and explains that’s what a lot of the most successful people do. Defining “success” is of course variable for everyone, nonetheless it’s reasonably safe to say that everyone wants to be successful by having a nice life, so there is merit in what the video says. If you like to be “Disciplined” this can work very well.

Some of you who have read my book “Gifts for Your Soul” may have noted that I do not!! Quoting, I use the word practice quite deliberately, for I have always shied away from the word discipline and I know that others may do likewise. For me, there is an implication in discipline that suggests some kind of rules or restraint that might come from some source outside of ourselves, or some other form of externally imposed values. Practice, on the other hand, both implies and generates an air of willingness to improve on the part of the individual and nurtures the idea of self-development that this book tries to champion…”

The reality is that some people need discipline, and some people like to practice, and that’s fine. The key is sometimes you persuading yourself that spending time in your inner practice is the most beneficial choice you can make. What you might to know, or remind yourself, is that by making time to create and cultivate that point and place of contact with your inner self, you send a very strong message that says something like “I am worthy”. In terms of self-development, it is one of the most valuable building blocks you can have in your life.

Time is a finite resource, and perhaps it is the most precious one that we all have available and so using it with wisdom is essential for our well-being. The truth is, no matter how busy you are, you always have 5 or 10 minutes to spare. If you think you do not, then it is easy to create more time in the morning, simply by getting up earlier for one thing. It is also easy to factor in time for short reflection or energy management breaks during the day, and most importantly before you go to sleep.

You could be dealing with many other distractions in the time you spend for your inner world, so it is important that you can value the importance of your inner world in the context of all the other things competing for attention in your life. All you have to do to discover whether it works for you when you are busy is to try it. There will always be part of you trying to persuade you to skip it, do it later, or that it does not really work for you. However, you have a choice whether or not to listen to that part of your consciousness or not.

When you do practice, and can come from a place of increasing grounded energetic calm, you will find yourself more effective in handling our busy schedules and more able to keep it all in perspective. If more time in touch with your inner world means less time feeling stress, pressure or even panicky, and overwhelmed, then it’s certainly worth it.

And perhaps you simply need to tell yourself “I am worthy of the time”

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Love & blessings