With the Right Frequency Anything is Possible?

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla
Sound healing is a splendid thing! I have been a firm advocate of it for many years for myself and others. The popularity of sound bathes has increased exponentially since I first started doing them over 10 years ago, and sound has well and truly established itself in the field of holistic wellness, attracting more people to it who otherwise might have remained oblivious to the possibility of healing.

I recently re-watched a 5 year old TedX talk by a fellow called Dr. Lee Bartel –
link here –  in which he talked about how prescribing a low frequency sound remedy of 40hz for 30 minutes twice a week for 3 weeks to clients suffering from alzheimers produced positive results for the symptoms. Note: he doesn’t talk about making it go away. 

He also talks about working with people with fibromyalgia, parkinsons and the potential for working with a variety of different illnesses and conditions. Note: he is encouraging his clients to use sound vibrational devices, which he sells at his own site…however

… the point of this newsletter isn’t to sell his devices, I’m definitely not on an affiliate commision 😉 … the point is to remind myself and anyone reading this that Sound is medicine, as Edgar Cayce said many years ago “Sound is the medicine of the future”. 

Sound of course extends to more than just vibro-acoustic devices and sound bathes. Sound is all around us, whether that’s the sound of silence or the sound of something in its place. So, the question is are the sounds around you beneficial to your well-being. Probably not, or at least not all of the time, as there is a lot of noise in this world. Nonetheless, you can always take time at the end, beginning or any other part of the day to listen to sound that will be helpful for you and will bring you back into balance.

For years I’ve been a fan of Solfeggio frequencies, Tibetan Sound healing, crystal bowl music, gong music, hypnosis and anything else really that has a positive vibe about it. There’s enough free stuff on YouTube, Gaia and other places to source that can be both enjoyable and useful. I am currently listening to
this piece of music, since I saw the Lee Bartel video and got more interested in the 40hz principle.

The point of this newsletter is to talk about more than sound though, for though sound is fabulous, it is just one aspect of frequency and vibration. In the Lee Bartel video he also talked the principle of entrainment – how one rhythmic vibrating object will synchronise with another.

It’s easy to releate that concept of entrainment to people. If you join a group of like-hearted people, then it usually promotes a feel of well-being within you once you allow yourself to settle into the group. Laughter can be contagious, as can positive thinking etc though also less savoury aspects of human behaviours can also be spread quite easily, like fears, panic buying etc. Whatever can be used for healing, sadly can generally be used for harm too 🙁

It’s a reasonally well-accepted principle that the “power” of a group of say three people meditating together is greater than three people meditating individually, and the benefit of co-ordinated group meditation is known as the Maharishi effect. You can of course apply that principle to all sorts of patterns of groups of people together other than meditation and spiritual pursuits…birds of a feather flock together etc. Conversely, if you are looking to “get out of any rut” then it often pays to change the people who you hang around with…i.e. you are changing your frequency when you do that.

Everything is frequency when you think about it – people, crystals, food, herbs, essential oils etc etc. Aligning yourself with the “right” frequencies for you is important for all aspects of you – emotionally, mentally, energetically and physically. It may not be possible to do that all the time of course, however there are always opportunities to re-set and re-align. There are always several in this newsletter each month…. with the right frequency all sorts of things are possible.
With Love & Kindness