Winter Solstice & A Solstice Ritual

Winter Solstice & A Solstice Ritual

The winter solstice is of course the shortest day of the calendar year where we have the least light. In ancient times long before calendars were invented, the ancient peoples celebrated winter solstice as a turning point in the year that meant more light was about to start coming in to their days. They saw it as a rebirth or renewal of the Sun, and so would often engage in ritual or ceremony to commemorate that. In the UK today solstice celebrations on a grand scale are often carried out at Henges like Stonehenge and Avebury Henge and other notable ancient monuments in the land, just as our ancestors would have done years ago.

For those who are sensitive to it (and that’s all of us on a subconscious level) the energy around solstice time can often build up quite intensely as this time is anchored into our collective subconscious. For we all know more light is about to come in to our lives (at least in the northern hemisphere) and so there is an unconscious excitement around that. In particular the energy around winter solstice time signifies the need for self-reflection, letting go and renewal (much more so than any other point during the year).

winter solsticeYou don’t have to go to a stone circle, ley line or an ancient monument to commemorate the Winter Solstice, though part of the purpose why these ancient megaliths were built was for such occasions. You can celebrate the solstice within the comfort of your own room or house quite easily.

It is useful to “be at one” of the solstice in some way, especially if you are on a self-development journey, as there is a part of all of us who understands the cycle of life on this planet and our own part in it. The acknowledgement of what’s happening energetically and astrologically is almost like saying yes to be part of the grand play that is happening at a soul level for all who are awakened and awakening as this planet continues it’s evolutionary journey.


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