Where Are We Now?

Where Are We Now?

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that humanity is in a pickle. “Trapped” by a virus that the vast majority (99.6%) seem to survive and a confused government only offering what seem to be ineffective and restrictive solutions for moving forward with our lives, it’s difficult to see how our lives can get back to a better place where we can live with true freedom.

When situations generate a huge amount of fear for so many, and this one sure as heck does, then it’s always wise just take a step or even a few steps backwards and reflect on the bigger picture, rather than responding emotively. Many people of course have their theories about the bigger picture, and as there is quite a divergence about those theories, it is good to focus on a few facts.

Rightly or wrongly, the majority of people on the planet, and the governments (for surprisingly most of them are people too) are succumbing to fear. It is fear that is driving most of the decisions and all of the compliance to what at times seem muddled thinking ideas on the part of those in charge. While some may argue that the current “method“ is designed to bring a solution, I would suggest that anything that is borne out of a place of fear is ultimately unlikely to bring about healthiness in a human being.

How I see the current situation is quite simple. The vibration of the planet is changing, and the human race has the option to follow suit. It is the following suit which is the tricky bit for many people. In order to raise your vibration in tandem with the planet, you need to leave fear behind. The fear that is present in humanity at the moment is sitting in what Carl Jung called the collective subconscious and has manifested massively during the current situation in the global and individual consciousness. That fear of course is quite natural. It is a basic primal instinct – fight or flight – and is a fear of not surviving, or put more simply a fear of death. What that means is that we humans tend to gravitate towards what “promises” to keep us safe. Makes sense in theory though actually those solutions are borne out of the original problem (fear), and ultimately won’t do anything for our well-being. Someone said to me the other day that they could see this “virus” type scenario playing out for years or decades until humanity comes to its senses and addresses its primal fear, and I tend to agree.

If we had already dealt with this fear of not surviving then there would be no crisis at the moment. We would simply be able to go about our daily lives saying “oh well there is a virus where is the death rate is .05% or lower present on the planet” and we would enjoy life without any of the masks or other sanctions that have been imposed in the name of keeping us safe. We would simply embrace the concept that when our “number is up”, then our “number is up”. (A healthy belief in reincarnation would of course help with that but that’s another newsletter).

Life is not quite so simple of course, and cultural and other beliefs plus that inbuilt primal instinct have allowed the fear of not surviving to dominate what should and could be happy and joyful lives without fear.

The other similar fact is that this fear epidemic has triggered is that a wave of anxiety has swept across the planet almost too horrendous to comprehend. The Guardian recently reported that “Anxiety has trebled among young adults in the UK over the past decade, according to a study, and now affects 30% of women aged 18 to 24 while increasing across the board among men and women under 55…. In the last 6 months I would imagine the stats have grown exponentially. I’ve said it before, and will probably say it again, the subsequent fallout from this crisis for collective anxiety levels and associated mental health issues goes way beyond those numbers being killed by the virus.

Over the past few months I have heard so many stories of people who are seriously suffering with their mental health at this time. Sadly they all have one thing in common. They have bought wholesale into the fear, through the media and through social media, and this fear has then governed their everyday reality.

I can’t remember who originally said it but the quote

“When you stop fearing a thing then it loses its power over you.

That should be the message that goes out to people to keep them in good mental health, but we are a long way from that at the present time.

If you know of anyone who is mental health is suffering at this time, or whose fears/ anxieties have taken hold of them since the start of this episode in our lives, then please direct them to a hypnosis practitioner or well-being practitioner of some kind. Hypnosis has proven to be highly effective for working with anxiety when people are ready to make changes.

There are many free and paid resources that well-being professionals have made available to help people at this time. One of my most simple free resources is my app “Hypnosis for Transformation“ which costs 99p. I spoke to 2 people just yesterday who told me the simple “Relaxation“ MP3 available on my app was just what they need at this moment in time. I’d actually forgotten some of the positive messages that I put at the end of the mp3. (Note: it is also available for free when you sign up to this newsletter). Obviously I’m mentioning my own material, however the main point is that there are tens of thousands of well-being professionals who have similar beneficial resources available that might help turn this side of anxiety and the like around.

As a species, we actually need to take action at this point in time, both for ourselves, for those we love, and for those who we see suffering. That action is unlikely to mean demonstrations and public insurrection and the like which is unlikely to make things better in the outside world. It does mean taking care of others who are suffering and making things better in our own inner world and release our internal fears and anxieties on a global basis. Otherwise, unless we take action then the impact for generations to come is unthinkable.

As a final side note, I meant to get a meditation group off the ground in September however I’ve been so overrun with clients and courses and people who are starting to make positive steps for themselves that I haven’t done so yet. My own inner guidance tells me that is now a matter of urgency and so I’m starting this on Monday, the 5th of October at 7:30 pm. This is a group for dedicated individuals who are prepared to commit to a daily 15 minute meditation for a minimum of 30 days in a row. Several people have committed already and are waiting to start, and several more written to me expressing their inability to stay committed to a daily program. I totally respect the energy of the latter group, however I am only looking for committed people at this stage. This is a little project to see if we can make the world a slightly better place that takes a bit of commitment. If that’s you and you’re interested please do email me.