What Are You Here To Do in This Lifetime?

What are you here to do in this lifetime?

AwakenI take the view that as Souls (prior to incarnation) we have all made Soul choices and contracts for this lifetime that reflect our own particular Soul journeys and offer us opportunities for learning and growth. Hopefully you are working through that rather nicely?
Likewise, we have all chosen to incarnate on Planet Earth at this particular moment in time where tremendous change is taking place. I believe that part of the change is happening is “within” the Earth as it raises its own frequencies and also seeks to offer humanity a chance to raise its frequency, both individually and collectively.
One of the Soul contracts you may have made prior to incarnation might have been to simply witness these changes, OR more relevantly to this offering it might be that you have chosen to be a little more proactive and work with the planet that you have chosen to incarnate on in some way.
Perhaps you are already doing that, and would like a little more structure around it, or perhaps you would like to start doing with a group of like-hearted individuals?
This bi-monthly online meditation group that focuses on working WITH the land.
Note: this is not “land healing” as such (and seeing the Earth as a victim of humanity). Instead, it is seeing the Earth as the powerhouse of energy that she is and actively working towards achieving some kind of harmony with that energy with/in yourself, and hopefully assisting in some kind of “activation” with the places that we work with that willl be of benefit both to yourself as an individual, to humanity as a whole and to the Earth herself.
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Love & blessings