Welcome to My New Blog

Welcome to My New Blog

I’m brand new to blogging so this should prove to be a lot of fun. Hopefully I will be using this blog space for a few things. As a minimum I’ll be posting my monthly newsletter here which is very much complementary therapy related and contains info about upcoming courses, workshops et al as well ongoing news about a charity that I am involved with “The Ark Foundation of Malawi” and a few other bits and bobs.

I also intend to do a bit of reflection here both on the courses and workshops that I’m involved with and on developments and happenings on the complementary arena in general. And, assuming I get the time and the inspiration I might well be blogging on developments in the world around us.

Let’s see how I how go – as always constructive criticism and comments are always welcome as are support comments too.

Lots of love



2 Responses to “Welcome to My New Blog”

  • I went to see Doug with an excruciatingly painful frozen shoulder. Painkillers did not help and physiotherapy made it worse. I expected the pain to decrease after the Reiki session because I know Doug is amazing but I did not expect the pain to disappear completely straight away and it never came back. And that happened thanks to Doug’s magic.
    I recommend Doug’s Reiki to anybody in emotional or physiological pain, as he is probably the best in his field in Greater London.

  • charmaine russell

    I recently attended Doug Buckingham’s Reiki degree 1 what an amazing brilliant experience I would reccomend it to anyone who is thinking about or wanting to know about Reiki and it’s healing positive energy.


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