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Thanks for looking at my site. On here, you will be able to see that I offer a range of transformational solutions in the form of training courses, workshops, 1-2-1 sessions, talks and also products for Hypnosis, Regression and other Life Enhancing Modalities.

As well as having long-term expertise in Hypnosis and Regression, I am also a Sound Healer (running regular sound baths), a Crystal Healer, a Reiki Master/Teacher in a few different traditions and have taught Reiki for 11 years, a Fully Accredited Spiritual Healer (trained at the College of Psychic Studies in London way back when),  former Aura Soma Practitioner, a coach and I work with a wide variety of energy management techniques for the Mind, Body & Soul. In short, I’d call myself a Transformational Energy Worker, and my goal with all that I do is to help people improve the quality of their lives by using simple and effective transformational techniques in a grounded, helpful and beneficial way.

I have a private practice in a greatlocation in Stoke Gabriel in South Devon. This is most easily accessible by road, and also by rail (Totnes 12 minutes by car or Torquay 20 minutes by car). I do have clients coming from the West Country, the Home Counties and other parts of the UK. However many of my clients now choose to work online by Zoom. I have been working online for 7-8 years with clients both in the UK and overseas, as well running a number of different groups and classes online. It’s not perfect, but it does work !

In the past I have taught groups in South Africa, Mexico, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, Lithuania, Sardinia and the UK, as well as individuals from a wide range of countries and cultures. I am always interested in new opportunities in any country, or part of the UK for talks, workshops or more. Just email me to ask if you have good ideas or questions in that respect. As well as the therapy techniques that I teach, I also offer a range of expertise and workshops in many aspects of life-style improvement, such as relaxation, stress management, increasing productivity, improving your relationship with money, changing the energy of your home and many more.

I haven’t always been in the holistic arena. I spent many years working behind a desk in shipping before the call of my intuition uprooted me and led me to quit my job, sell my house and car, and put all my possessions into storage and travel the world for a few years. When I came back to the UK, I had the notion that I had to get my chakras sorted out, and found my way to a place called the College of Psychic Studies in London where I did a 2 year degree as a Spiritual Healer. Around the same time I trained to be a Reiki Master, Theta healer, Aura Soma practitioner, and I also made a truly life-changing decision when I found my way to hypnotherapist to Stop Smoking.

That 2.5 hour session saw me swapping one addiction for another as I undertook extensive training in hypnosis, then regression therapy and found my passion in helping people to understand and trance-form their subconscious patterns to liberate themselves from old patterns that have been holding them back for years, decades and often lifetimes.

And that’s what I do now – my passion – which is helping people like you to be the best version of yourself that you can be, by clearing and releasing the past in whichever way is most beneficial and helpful for you.

Doug Buckinghams WebsiteI offer more opportunities over the internet in the form of webinar classes, Zoom sessions and Life Enhancing Audio recordings available through this website, through my App “Hypnosis for Transformation” which is available at the App Store  and also have a podcast called “Call of the Soul”. I also have a book called “Gifts for Your Soul”, which is available through the usual online booksellers. This is a collection of simple healing techniques for everyday and everyone.

You might also like to check out the Sessions section on this site, or the Workshops/Events Section at this point

You can find out more on this website and you can also book a free 15 minute consultation if you have something you think I might be able to help you with.


I have lots of testimonials from my clients but here’s one that came in recently  from a client who I worked with over a number of sessions for a few months (there’s a few more at the bottom of this page too)…

I had the pleasure to recently work with Doug over a course of sessions which were utterly life changing for me.  Doug guided me safely to the very source of issues that were quite challenging ones which at the time had a very disturbing influence on my life.

At any time I felt safe and myself in very good hands. Doug works from a place of complete empathy and understanding about what’s going on. His professionalism at any time allowed me to completely trust in the process so that I could allow myself to tap into whatever it was that needed for transformation. It is a crucial key requirement to be able to fully trust the therapist, especially when it comes to more deep rooted stuff.  He is able to establish and maintain that trustful space in a great unique way.

Doug is an outstanding phenomenal therapist and his knowledge, wisdom and kindness has built the bridges I could walk on to transform my life. The techniques he is using are highly effective and transformational.  Whether we did current Life work or Past Life work, each session was a stepping stone.  I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a real shift in their life to be working with Doug.” J.N. 2016/2017


For those that are interested to know about such things, I have several qualifications, some of which are:

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist – D. Hyp, PDCHyp,
  • Regression Therapist – Dip. RTH
  • Life Between Lives Therapist Cert.LBL
  • Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui Method of Natural Healing
  • A registered Karuna Reiki ® Master.
  • Aura Soma Level III Practitioner
  • Workshop presenter for the School of Intution & Healing
  • Accredited spiritual healer with the College of Psychic Studies
  • Member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists
  • Professional Member of the Earth Association for Regression Therapy EARTh
  • Master/Teacher Member of the UK Reiki Federation.
  • Continuing training and professional development in all disciplines.


Love & blessings



“Doug was highly recommended to me for Past Life Regression Therapy by several colleagues and tutors (healing course). This was indeed confirmed when I had my first session with him, it was amazing! I also had the great opportunity of watching one of his webinars and I am looking forward to participate of some of his workshops in the close future.” Thank you Doug!
Elaine Di Bernardi
Doug is a truly exceptional therapist and teacher. His enthusiasm, wisdom, authenticity, warmth and encouragement allow you to reach higher than you ever thought possible. – J.T. Scotland

Doug is an excellent trainer and mentor. His passion and dedication for teaching and guiding others really shows in his course delivery, supporting material and post course support. – L.L. London


Doug blew me away with some of the work that he did with me recently. I have done lots of work over the years with many therapists, but he guided me very safely into somewhere I had clearly not wanted to go before now, and made it easy for me to do the work. The profundity of the change afterwards was something I have never experienced before and it is a massive life changer for me. Doug’s commitment to his craft is exemplary, his intuition second to none, and his skill set, creativity and sense of humour really complement and complete the package. he’s the real deal. – J.C. London

read more testimonials on my Google page here 

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