Weight Loss Hypnosis

Weight Loss Hypnosis

The Background

NHS statistics suggest that as of 2020, the majority of adults were either overweight or obese; with the relevant numbers being 67% of men and 60% of women. These figures included 26% of men and 29% of women who were considered obese (up from 24% and 26% in 2011). The number of hospital admissions in 2020 for weight related issues was up 4%, and bear in mind that in 2020 a lot of people simply avoided the hospitals for fear of something else. The NHS website describes this as an epidemic and speculates the causes being:

  • That there is easy access to cheap, high-energy food that is often aggressively marketed to people.
  • People’s lifestyles and jobs are much less active than in the past and many leisure activities, such as watching television, playing video games and browsing the internet, are usually done sitting down.
  • People drive or use public transport and walk a lot less than they used to.
  • People feed their depression or emptiness.

And of course all of the above became even more exaggerated for many in 2020/2021 during lockdown.

From the public health service perspective, there are four main goals in the treatment of obesity:

  • To prevent further weight gain.
  • To gradually lose weight through a combination of a calorie-controlled diet and regular exercise.
  • To avoid regaining any lost weight.
  • To improve the general state of health and reduce the risk of obesity-related complications.

Why Hypnosis ?

Hypnosis is a wonderfully efficient tool that can re-programme the subconscious mind (the part of our consciousness that invariably holds the key to many of our issues in life) and really help to start bringing change to those four areas outlined above.

However, it is not a magic wand!! And if you’re not ready to start making changes, don’t bother with hypnosis.

What that effectively means, is that hypnosis will help you if and when you are ready to commit to the process and put work in too. Weight loss hypnosis is a multi-session approach, and as you can probably imagine, there are several aspects within weight loss hypnosis sessions that have to be addressed. The “work” means listening to the hypnosis recordings between sessions, keeping track of your weight and what you consume and in general being accountable to the process and yourself.

Over the past decade or more, many people who have come to weight loss hypnosis sessions have a lot of experience around diets and dieting. The statistics suggests that 95% of diets do not work permanently i.e. they might work for a few months and then it’s back to the old patterns, or perhaps simply that diet plans are hard to maintain within the context of enoyable everyday life.

So, what this means with the hypnosis approach is that we need to go deeper to make these changes more permanent. Often that is by doing one or two sessions where we use parts therapy, do inner child work,  and/or regression. Getting to the depth of the eating pattern/relationship with food in your life is often how you can make inner changes that positively and permanently. SCuriously, the weight is not always about the weight, it’s about the reason behind it….

Weight Loss Hypnosis Session Plan

I recommend that you book a fifteen minute consultation here before making any payment as I like to check that we can work together before I take any money from you.

I work with weight loss hypnosis clients over a series of 6 sessions. Mostly they are one hour sessions, however the sessions where we go deeper will be two hours. I do ask clients to committ to the series of six sessions and that means paying in advance, however the investment can be made in two stages if necessary.

Your investment for 6 sessions (7 hours total) is £595

Payment can be made in 2 stages – £300 & £295

If we need to do an additional two hour session within the course of the six sessions (i.e. an extra hour) that I will ask for an extra hour’s payment at the same rate i.e. £85/hour

I recommend that the sessions take place over 8-12 weeks.
They can take place online or in person.
If you want to fund out more about hypnotherapy then please have a look at this short Q&A download