We Can Still Dream …Even If We Can’t Go On Holiday

We Can Still Dream… Even if We Can’t Go On Holiday

With lock-down only slowly easing in the UK, and the prospect of overseas holidays becoming increasingly remote for most people, many people may find their state of mind slipping yet further downwards without their annual summer trip to look forward to. In fact, the UK government has actually warned us against making holiday plans just yet, so the possibility of a summer holiday seems pretty bleak for many.

So, in response, I am offering a solution to help people like you travel to your favourite destination
– and all from the comfort of your own armchair!

Amidst what has been a difficult time for so many people, it might seem a little odd to focus on holidays, or more relevantly the absence of one. However, holidays most definitely play a big role in our mental health and well-being.

From the excitement of choosing a destination and accommodation, researching everything from sights to restaurants, to the
actual time away and the resulting pleasure and relaxation, holidays really do matter.

“Life experiences” are so important for all of us, as well as the obvious benefits of the relaxation, and the escapism from
everyday life. The coping process of escapism is so relevant right now. It is common to many people in difficult times, and by wanting to still book a holiday, or complaining about not being able to book one, we are actually indulging that escapism.

Escape is a vital aspect of our mental self-care and ongoing well-being. It can be hugely helpful to seek a happy escape when things seem difficult or impossible – that feeling of ‘If only I could just get away’.

And of course, many forms of our regular escapism, such as going out to the gym, to bars and restaurants, have been taken away from us. And so our desire to plan ahead for getaways once lock-down is lifted increases.

That, is all on a distant horizon at the moment…

Here and now though, I have created several free downloads to enable you to spirit your mind away to a fabulous holiday destination. When you listen in, you can take a little time to indulge in the relaxation and release that you would have enjoyed had you actually been able to get away.

At a time when there are no other options open to use, something as simple as taking a ‘virtual holiday’ can offer a brief moment of escapism. This allows you an outlet for the stress we are all facing, and the energy to re-engage with life in lock-down.

There will likely be a number of key things that holidaymakers will look for once the travel industry reopens for business.

Fresh air and space will be uppermost for those living in towns and cities – the freedom or a road trip or the peace on a beach might be just the ticket!

People will feel like doing something completely different as an antidote to months of boredom, so an adventurous African
safari might well appeal.

and families of course have been torn apart, so a multi-generational destination like a beach, or disneyland might be what is needed for families to re-unite with fun.

Whoever you are, and however you have been making it through lockdown, you will probably agree it essential to have
something to look forward to once we emerge on the other side of this, and a holiday away from the home base will be a real tonic.

Try my downloads for yourself now and let me know what you think.

These free downloads are a form of simple hypnotic relaxation. All you need to do after downloading one or more of them is to sit down in a quiet and comfortable spot, close your eyes and listen away. You might find yourself visualising or imagining your chosen holiday destination quite easily and enjoyably, and letting go of some built-up stress and tension quite quickly.

There are several types of holiday destinations available in the recordings

  • Desert Island Paradise
  • Mountain Stillness
  • Safari Adventure
  • Road Trip

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