Was That Real?

Was That Real?

That really common question I mentioned yesterday is one that is commonly asked after the session has finished.

“Was That Real?”

It’s perfectly normal and natural for the conscious, analytical mind to doubt something like a past life experience.

The “reality” is that the PL is story is real because it has come out of the client’s consciousness, and so it is real for them. Whether it is real in history is sometimes debatable, however the real (and for me only) relevance that is needed is for the client’s intention (for healing) for the session.

The actual “truth” of the story is irrelevant if the client gets benefit in their current life. For example, I have worked with several people who have experienced the lives of famous people and the common thread in all of them was that accessing that story helped them in the here and now. Whether they were that person or not is actually none of my business, so I just go with it, so long as it’s relevant.

Sometimes these PL stories seem to be symbolic or metaphorical – again it’s how they apply to you in the here and now that is the essential ingredient.

Some even say that Past Lives are an ancestral memory (part of our DNA) – there’s certainly a good case for it as apparently seven generations are encoded into our DNA. Again though, I sing the same song…if it’s relevant to the intention for the session, it’s useful.

Historical truth is probably somewhat of an illusory concept these days anyway.

A better truth is, though, that past life regression can really help you in the here and now.

With Love

Doug x