Unlock Your Potential

Many people on Social Media and the like talk about unlocking your potential and living your life to the fullest, and rightly so. Whilst I’m a firm believer in reincarnation, I’m also aware of the finite amount of time that we have in the current incarnation and that it is important to maximise the moments that we have in the here and now. I am also conscious of the reality that ‘we’ all have more access than ever to the world around us and all of the amazing possibilities that are on offer to us all.

But…do you truly take advantage of what is available for you in the world today?
Are you living your dreams, or do they remain exactly that….dreams!

Perhaps you are in a job that is only ok, or one that you love but barely pays the bills or doesn’t offer you the lifestyle you would like or believe that you deserve. Maybe you are in an unfulfilling relationship, or not in one at all, or even more fundamentally you might even think on an all too regular basis that there must be to life than what you’re currently doing or experiencing …

Whilst there are many possible explanations in the material world for not living your dreams or unlocking your full potential, usually it all boils down to one key point.
And that point is that is a lack of harmony between your subconscious mind and your conscious wishes. The father of Hypnosis, Milton Erickson, said that the primary goal of Hypnosis is to bring the conscious and subconscious minds into rapport or alignment, and the reason for that is so your life flows, and as you want it to…

I believe that hypnosis is one of the primary “action” tools for any individual who is looking to making lasting and permanent change. I work with people on a 1-2-1 basis, at weekend workshops, in corporate environments and I also run longer Hypnosis training courses, and I have been working with Hypnosis for well over a decade since I used it to facilitate a major life change for myself.

Taking the step to do something that is going to help you to start to unlock the power of your subconscious can be a daunting one but it doesn’t have to be. For those of you who are potentially interested in doing a hypnosis course, though a bit unsure if this course is right for you or if you are right for it, I am offering 15 minute chat slots via Skype where you can find out more about the course. Have a look at the link https://www.dougbuckingham.com/chat-about-the-courses to book a chat.

My next Hypnosis training, which runs from the 18th to the 22nd of April, offers you extensive opportunities to actively access your subconscious, and start to bring it into rapport with you now. Plus, it offers you techniques to do that for yourself and for others on an ongoing basis. If you’re wanting a change of pace, a change of lifestyle, a new way to work with clients, a new ‘workstyle’ or positive change of any description, then have a reflect on this opportunity and see if it’s right for you now to help you to unlock your potential and move beyond the limitations of what you are experiencing at the moment.

All of the details are here

Love & blessings

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