Undiluted Passion

Undiluted Passion

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”
Gandalf the Wizard, Lord of the Rings

You probably can’t go too far wrong in life if you follow your undiluted passion. It’s that simple, really!
However, many people on the planet are unable to do this. Whether that’s because of cultural, geographical or gender constraints, or perhaps social or parental conditioning or the old problemo number one – “money, and/or I can’t afford to”, it’s a fact that many people go through life without following their passion.

undiluted passion

The internet has gone a long way towards opening up us all up towards the world full of possibilities that are available to us during this lifetime, however many people are still slaves to their belief system. And that’s probably a belief system which they have perhaps inherited from their past lives, their parents or society around them. Beliefs aren’t actually truth and being a slave to your beliefs, when it prevents you from following your passion, verges on craziness. yet, we all do it to greater or less degrees.

So, what’s the solution? There are many, though a very simple one is to read the quote above from Earl Nightingale. Repeat it regularly to yourself throughout the day and ingest it, until you truly believe it to be truth (perhaps for weeks, months or years, though hopefully not the latter) and then live that way. Or work through the beliefs, dogma and behaviours that prevent you from believing that quote to be truth. And of course you could even use hypnosis, which truly helps you to reprogamme your subconscious …

On the subject of passion I spent much of the last week in Alsace, France at one of the biggest crystal, mineral and gem fairs in Europe. Thousands of enthusiasts got together to buy or sell goodies, or simply to admire other people’s, and then tens of thousands flocked to the fair when it was open to the public at the weekend. There were mineralogists, geologists, gemologists, traders, collectors, healers, geeks and all sorts of people enjoying a few million offerings from Mother Earth. What did they have in common? Their undiluted passion for what was on show and sale. That’s what drew them to a place where they baked and sweated in very high temperatures, which were magnified by many of the powerful crystals on display.

And what of their passion? There were stalls upon stalls of fossils (I don’t get it), even more stalls with mineral specimens (I also don’t get it), hundred of gems stalls (I mainly choose not to afford them!!) and many others that I simply walked straight past. What I loved though about all of the stalls, whether I lingered or passed by quickly, was their enthusiasm and passion for the subject. People had come from all over the world for the fair, they had got up at 6 o’clock in the morning to make sure they got decent parking spots in a vastly overcrowded little village, and they laughed, sweated, over spent, undervalued and loved their time there. It was undiluted passion, and it was a joy to witness…so much so, I am booking my tickets for next year as soon as the dates are announced!!  My passion !!

And what about you? Are you living your passion?
If not, what’s stopping you and how can you make it happen?
Remember, every second counts….live your undiluted passion

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Love & blessings