Tuning In To You

First of all, let me take the opportunity to wish you an absolutely splendid 2023. May all of the minutes and moments that are waiting for you offer you opportunties and potentials for you to live your life to your highest potential and greatest joy!


When I train other people in the delightful arts of hypnosis, regression or anything else really, I often say that perhaps the greatest skill that a therapist can have is to listen to their clients. And when I say listen, I mean really listen, without getting distracted or having opinions about what they are saying, just listening unreservedly and unconditionally. 

The skill of listening obviously is not reserved for others, for it’s equally vital to listen to yourself. Do you listen to your body, to your emotions etc. for you are a constant source of messaging at many different levels. Did you know that the human heart sends more messages to the brain than the other way around? (Source: Heartmath Institiute). Do you take into account that you send messages to the cells of your body on a constant basis?

And of course do you listen to your intution?

We live in a world full of noise and distractions, and tuning out from that and into ourselves can be a challenge. I remember twenty plus years ago, the American Comedian Bill Hicks saying that watching television is like putting spray paint over your third eye. Years later, I wonder what he would say about mobile phones and everything else that distract people today?

I certainly know my intuitive flashes come much more frequently when all of the tech is turned off and there are no distractions. Not everyone though is blessed with enough time and discipline to be able to make quiet time for themselves on an ongoing basis. Retreats are very popular now because they offer people that time away from the noise and distraction that life can present with.

Intuition is innate to all of us.

The first question about intuition though is do we listen to it? And then perhaps the next question is do we trust it after we listen to it? After all thereare all those distractions and noise and judgements and mis-information in the 21st Century that can take us away from out inner-tuition. Then the next question do we actually like what our intuition is telling us? For sometimes it can encourage us to follow pathes that takes us out of our comfort zone…and that’s not easy for everyone to do/

Fortunately if you are willing to take the time and make the effort to start paying more attention to your intuition, then they are ways and means by which you can train yourself to do exactly that.

Dowsing (I am running an
introductory workshop this Saturday) is one awesome way of accessing answers that are “beyond” your conscious thinking mind. Whether that’s through the use of the pendulum, dowsing rods or other dowsing tools, they are a great way to train yuor intuition. Working with the the I-Ching, with the Tarot (or other oracle cards) are also wonderful ways to hone your intuition, and there are of course many other classes, teachers etc. that help you. 

Some simple ideas to help you refine your intution are:

1. Tune out from your devices more regularly

2. Slow down and make more space and time to listen to yourself – meditation may or may not be your thing, however reflection is available and easy for everybody and you don’t need to be sitting cross-legged in a zen-like state to reflect 🙂

3. Simple breathing or relaxation exercises can help you to access a more relaxed state where intuition “comes”.

4. Remember that intuition is often more of a feeling than a thought

5. Your body is a finely honed and receptive energetic instrument, so listen to it. Gut feelings, butterflies in the stomach, shivers down the spine are all signals that your body is processing something at a subtle energy level. Work out what these intuitive bodily indicators mean to you.

6. Your intuition doesn’t really judge or criticise (yourself or others), so ignore that kind of “intuition”. However you may get the feeling to steer clear of certain people and situations (without judgement).

7. Intuition doesn’t happen “on demand” – it usually pops in, however spending a little quiet time here and there can encourage more frequent “pop ins” , so be patient and keep listening.

8. Have fun with it – treat it like a game and enjoy yourself. People often try hard to listen to their intution/guide/angel etc and that trying can get in the way. 

9. If you get an intutiive hit that might take you of your comfort zone then follow it! Easier said than done sometimes I know, however you have to start trusting the intutive info you get in order to get more !

10. Believe in yourself and your intuition – in order to follow your own inner voice you need to start clearing up the doubts in your mind

Remember you are here to blossom and flourish in this lifetime, and tuning in to you may well aid you to do that more easily than ever before ….

Accessing your intuition and tuning into you may well be the greatest gift you have in this life. It can life re-arranging for many, for when you operate from intution you are now seeing from the perspective of the wisdom of the Soul.

With Love & Kindness