Tuesday Chillaxation

chillaxRelaxation is key to so very many things with your overall well-being; some might even say it is the key to life itself. And ways and opportunities to relax are becoming so very sought after because of the busy lifestyles that people lead.

It is becoming widely recognised that the opposite of relaxation – stress – is the source of many illnesses and dis-eases. And let’s face it in our frantic modern world there are a lot of opportunities to become stressed, and most people find even simple relaxation a little harder to come by, and to stick with.

 Along with your general well-being, relaxation can is also vital for your inspiration and creativity. Well-known examples of that are Da Vinci (whose opinion you can see in the opening quote), Newton who “discovered” gravity relaxing under an apple tree and Einstein, Edison and many more. 

Obviously those iconic examples aren’t the everyday people that you and I are; however the point is that when you make time to relax, then you recharge your batteries, you let go of stress and you allow your creativity to start flowing. When that creativity flows, then the challenges of life often become easier to solve, or at least you have a better perspective of how to solve them. 

I’ve been a big fan of guided relaxation since giving up a job in corporate some 17 years ago, and frankly I wished I’d have discovered it sooner. I spent the last couple of years in my corporate job with frequent stomach ailments that left me taking antacids almost permanently, and it became so bad I made frequent trips to the Doctors. Once it was so bad I ended up in hospital having an endoscopy. Nothing was found, and needless to say when I did give up that corporate lifestyle and adopted a healthier lifestyle actively including relaxation then those stomach problems promptly disappeared.

Ever since then I have seen de-stressing and relaxation as a must for moving forward in my life. And a large part of the work I offer now is also based on relaxation and letting go of stressors. on that note, I have a new online course starting in November which is called “Tuesday Chillaxation” . It’s a very simple and very rewarding LIVE course which is an hour on a Tuesday evening to talk relaxation and then to listen to a live 30 minute relaxation session (this is also recorded and made available for you to listen again.)

Online courses have started to become a regular part of my work; and the simple reason for that is because they work so well with so many people. Whilst working online is still very much a developing art, you may well be already be aware of the benefits of doing transformational work online, and even in online groups. Whilst I always knew “Manifestation Through the Chakras”  is a good course, it has been a very pleasant revelation to me quite how well it has worked. So, that’s why I am doing more…

Anyway from Tuesday 12th November “Tuesday Chillaxation”   is starting at 7,30pm UK time  

If that’s for you, or if you’d like to find out a bit more then you can click here  
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