Trusting Your Soul

Trusting Your Soul

“The soul of the individual eternally hungers for the heroism of genuine being, and the willingness to take on that responsibility is identical to the decision to live a meaningful life”

Jordan B Peterson

It’s easy to do nothing these days. It’s easy to consciously or subconsciously avoid, perhaps to immerse yourself in TV, over-indulging in biscuits, drowning in alcohol, being too busy, numbing with recreational drugs, etc. It’s also easy to make excuses why we don’t do something; again being too busy, not enough time, or there are 19 other things to tick off the list first.

And, it is of course a lot less easy to take on the most important thing in your life – the responsibility of the Soul’s journey. Perhaps because it’s hard, or some might say that it can even be downright uncomfortable or painful at times. Plus the clichés you hear during the more difficult times (“trust the process”, “it’s the only way you grow” and many more) can get really annoying at times. I say them to clients, friends and I say them to myself and that’s because most of those clichés are borne from truth. The Soul does yearn for the experience of this thing we call life, the process of moving through our stuff is a Soul-led process (whether you choose to acknowledge and genuinely embrace that or not) and we do need to learn to trust it. Trusting not because we feel we should, nor out of desperation as it’s our only alternative (though that might be the place where trust begins). Instead, because trust is a “higher law” as it were, and the very process of trusting invokes an energy within you and into your life that is the Soul, that can be a guiding light in your life when you continue to trust. It’s a little bit of magic that you can make for you.

Trust, though, is a funny old thing for us along the journey of this life. From the start of our life, we are required time and time again to trust in something that we have little or no control over. We have to trust our parents, perhaps our siblings or friends, our partner, our boss or our colleagues or even something more abstract like the “company” or the authorities or the government. And the problem is that trust for most people will get broken somewhere along the way by someone or something. And most relevantly, as we well as the trust in that someone or something being in broken, the trust in yourself gets diminished.

Trusting Your SoulSo, when it comes down to trusting your Soul, or trusting the process when you’re on a spiritual journey and challenging times come up, it can be tough. That process of trusting yourself needs to be re-ignited, and that essentially involves an acceptance of your life’s journey to date (for better or for worse). I’m a big fan of Aura Soma Bottle 076 for which one of the keynotes is “Self-acceptance leads us to find what we are for, and the way we are to do what we are to do”. i.e. it leads to ourself and to our purpose.

Ultimately, trust is about a deep level of acceptance of yourself and of something more than yourself – the Soul (or whatever your belief system is).

So, how do you trust the Soul? It is of course an ongoing process, that’s far easier to embrace when times are good. Gratitude is definitely useful, though the process of trust goes deeper than being grateful of the good things; it’s about being grateful for the grime and grit in your lives too. That’s the gratitude of trust.

The process of trust is also about acknowledging the deeper meaning in synchronicities, failed relationships, life ups, life’s difficult circumstances etc without ever needing to know the reason why this things happen. Trusting that they do happen, that there is a reason why and you may never know it, is perhaps the hardest part for human beings burdened with over-thinking, analytical minds. However, when you can get to that place, then that is true unconditional trust.

Perhaps you are in a place of true trust already, or perhaps like most people you are a work in progress. Wherever you are, remember that when you authentically trust the Soul, and yourself, then you have a life with meaning, whatever that is for you…And it is always worth it!!

Love & Trust


p.s. I have a Soul Discovery workshop running 15-16th June – embracing past Lives and the Interlife is a way to strengthen the Soul bond