Tofte Manor Retreat

Tofte Manor Retreat

Friday 28th – Sunday 30th April 2023

Come and join us for our spiritual retreat at the luxurious Tofte Manor! A place of magical beauty and tranquillity.

Mindfulness, astrology, crystal healing, guided labyrinth experience, ritual by the firepit and more surprises! There will be plenty of opportunities to explore and relax in the stunning grounds. We create a welcoming, open and friendly atmosphere.

The facilitators for this retreat are Doug, Alex, Sophia and Jill.

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Guided labyrinth experience 

tofte manor retreatLabyrinths are an ancient tool for self-discovery. Research has shown that walking a labyrinth creates balance in the body and brings peace to  the mind. The benefits of walking labyrinths are now recognised by many universities, hospitals,  hospices, schools, inner city councils and cathedrals. The Labyrinth at Tofte Manor is a source of inspiration and  peace. Nestled in a quiet secluded part of the garden it is  filled with a sense of tranquillity and ageless beauty, stirring  feelings of enchantment. This labyrinth copies the design of the ancient pattern of the  labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral in France, but with a unique  twist. It incorporates all the elements in its design; earth, air,  fire and water. The water that runs through the labyrinth pathway can be drunk. It is delicious,  pure and vital, and is served to all our guests during their stay.

On the Saturday, we will have a guided labyrinth experienc

The Presenters

Alex Gonçalves is a full-time Astrologer since 2008 and runs an Astrology Training Centre in Portugal, where he practices and teaches astrology.

Alex has a degree in Psychology and a wealth of training in healing practices. Alex is certified by the  Brofman Institute for the Advancement of Healing.


Doug Buckingham is a highly experienced Hypnosis/Regression Therapy trainer and has initiated Regression Therapy training programmes in Scotland, England, South Africa, Italy and Mexico, and has also run this workshop in a number of other countries.He trained in both Clinical Hypnotherapy in London, and also in Regression and Life between Lives. He is also a Reiki Master and Teacher, Crystal Healer, Sound Therapist, Aura Soma practitioner and more. He runs workshops/courses for Reiki, Regression, LBL and Hypnotherapy in London, various other parts of the UK and Europe.

The Venue

Tofte Manor is in the village of Sharnbrook in Bedfordshire, within easy by car or train.

Just 8 miles from Bedford, 24 miles from Milton Keynes, 60 miles from London, 71 miles to Birmingham, 34 miles from Luton.

Nearest railway station is Bedford, 15 minutes from Tofte Manor.

Your Investment

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