Thrive or Survive?

Thrive or Survive?  

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style.”

Maya Angelou

How do you Live Your Life – Do you Thrive or Survive?

And can you honestly answer that question when you look (literally rather than metaphorically) in the mirror?

By necessity, many people seek to survive in their daily life. Perhaps they go to work to pay their bills, their mortgage, their children’s school fees, whilst others might simply need to have enough for food, for shelter or other basic essentials for life. And that’s just one aspect of life – some people have to think about their emotional survival – “I won’t get into another situation like….”. Others are ok but waiting for something to happen…perhaps the weekend or your holiday? That’s surviving – thriving, however is making the most of every single moment in your life.

Life can seem monotonous when you are surviving; it can feel like the film “Groundhog Day” in some ways where substantial parts of every day are the same. Common-place phrases like “I’ll be fine”, “I’ll get by”, “It’ll work out”, “if only” “When I have….”and “one day I will …” litter your language, and in part determine how you live your life.

So, why do we do just survive? Mainly because our lives are governed by the programming which is remembered by our mind and body. Experiences from the past teach us to react in certain ways and essentially they teach us how to protect ourselves to stay safe. So, what we do, how we survive becomes what we know and subconsciously we seek to maintain that. Changes become more difficult to action as you subconsciously seek to protect yourself by staying in your comfort zone.

Much like the immune system in your body which is designed to protect you from disease based on what you have experienced so far, your energy field does the same. Consequently you radiate the “status quo” out into the Universe because that’s your story to date – it’s the sum of your experiences, your history and mostly you don’t even know you’re doing that. It just happens.

So, in order to thrive or experience something different then you have to do something very different with your energy.

You may well have heard the statistic that over 70pct of lottery winners in the USA go broke within 3-5 years? Or if you are a fan of Louise Hay, you might have heard her talk of a famous surgeon who said that unless they could help their patient to make some kind of lifestyle change that really to their condition, then it’s unlikely the surgery they were doing would have any long-lasting effect. What’s the message from both of these accounts: that unless we make some changes then we keep on attracting the same experiences and go back to where we were.

Most people keep on surviving rather than thriving, because they persist in doing the same old thing, and mostly don’t even know they are doing it (yes, I did repeat that!). As humans we fear change on a subconscious level, and we crave the comfort zone. When the thoughts, emotions, experiences you have vibrate the same old story, you continue to survive, rather than thrive.

I did a fun experiment on a local high street recently. When asked if they wanted to thrive or survive in every area of their life, 10 out 10 people I randomly asked said “thrive”. Those same 10 people said they probably weren’t thriving in many aspects of their life, and when I asked all of them if they were prepared to make changes in order to thrive, they all took one step back from me (protection) and said in guarded tones “what would I have to do?”. Not one of them said “Yes!” “And what would I have to do?” And that of course is human nature, we are guarded and protective of who/what we are. And therein lies our problem, though we actually believe it is our solution, and why we can’t thrive.

And if you are saying “Well, I don’t blame them for reacting in that way”, then of course you are “right” and like everyone else. For people do not realise they are only surviving though, for on the whole they are doing the same as the majority of other people around them.

To thrive, firstly you have to start almost aching for something more, and then you have to do something different and do it repeatedly and create a new neural pathway in your brain that then starts to bring about corresponding changes in your emotional response and your energy field. And perhaps like me, you have probably known all this for a while. So, what else stops you making that change and thriving?

I remembering the spiritual teacher Caroline Myss says three things get in the way of you achieving your hopes and dreams. “Your expectations, your expectations and YOUR expectations.”

I could elaborate lengthily about expectations, though for the purposes of brevity here I will not. The simple explanation about your expectations is that they are based upon your story to this point in time, and that as I mentioned is the problem rather than the solution.

If you can regularly think about, reflect upon, meditate etc. and live with only positive thoughts from your past, and feel only positive emotions then you may well be thriving and creating a different reality. However it’s highly improbable that anyone other than a few spiritual masters sitting in isolation in the Himalayas can attain that degree of perfection with their consciousness.

For the rest of us, in order to accentuate the “thrive” in our lives, I believe that we need to tune into something that we have not experienced to date; to leave behind our expectations and take a leap into the unknown, to start thinking “as if you are thriving” (without expectation); start feeling “the energy of unknown possibility” of “untapped potential” and to define the future focus of our future goals and intentions to be “it is happening now” (without agenda). For when we start to wonder, to speculate, to daydream about our potential then we open up our creative juices as it were and we start creating with the Universe, rather than stopping the flow.

I said to a friend the other day that if he spent half as much energy wondering what he could create, focusing on positive possibilities etc. as he does reinforcing his limitations (I can’t, I should, I don’t and his story to date) then he would thrive overnight. And he can and will be because he is starting to make that change, to focus his energy on what he can do and allow the Universe to work with him, moving into the unknown of what could happen for him, rather than focusing on what he can’t do and the sum total of his old story to date.

That friend openly acknowledges that he bought gifts with him into this life, gifts that he is sacred of, and is really only scratching the surface of in his life so far because his story so far is limiting his future. And you have a gift too. Whether you have a spiritual persuasion or not is largely irrelevant; for your gift is sitting there clearly in your energy field waiting to be brought into being. Perhaps it can happen now?

I have created a new audio recording “Thrive – It is Happening Now” to both amplify what I am saying here, and also to offer you a short guided meditation to tune into the “thrive” mechanism that you brought with you into this life, and that sits within your energy field waiting for you to start working with it.

If you have decided you are ready to have a different experience, then you can find it for free on YouTube here. If you want an audio version of it then it is on my website here  and my App “Hypnosis for Transformation” for £0.99 on the website and the App for the next couple of weeks. Please note that unlike most of my other audio, this is recording is not studio-quality!!


Love & Gratitude