Thought, Word & Deed

Thought, Word & Deed

“Every moment is a choice.
Every thought, word and deed is creating your future.
Choose wisely and positively.”

Jenni Young

Back in the day when I was teaching a lot of Reiki classes I used to say to my students doing the Reiki II class that the use of the Reiki symbols was very much a process of thought, word and deed. The thought was the intention of the symbol, the word was the expression of its name and the deed was the act of drawing, or visualising, the symbol and using it or self of others. I discovered or remembered from somewhere that this process of thought, word and deed came from old style Magick and pointed this out to people. I thought the Reiki symbols worked very well with this process behind them.

Then one day a student came on the course who’d had a religious upbringing, and she pointed out that there even traces of this same concept in biblical scripture. I was a little less taken with this. Let’s just say that what I read wasn’t quite my thang….nonetheless as i did a little more research I discovered that the concept was widespread.

thought word & deedGoing back as far as the 6th century BC, Lao Tzu the ancient Chinese philosopher and Spiritual Master was reputed to have said: “Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habit. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”
And more recently of course in the 20th Century and Gandhi developed his own version of this.
So, it seemed and still seems to me, that thought, word and deed are how we create or at least part of it. When all three parts of that equation are in harmony then our chances of bringing that something into being greatly increase.

Thought, or intention, is usually the simplest part in theory. We all have goals, or should have at least. However, many people have so many thoughts are desires that are short-termist and that’s fine. “Very” generally speaking these are much easier to bring into being when they are in line with your Soul purpose though. A lot of people tripped over “The Secret” a dozen or so years ago, and then got caught up in the idea that we can create with solely our desire and our thoughts. As I wrote about last month, there is some (tho not complete) truth in that, and that’s only so when it’s part of the Soul plan.

Word is the expression of the intention. Many suggest putting your intention or goals down in writing and there is much merit in that. Writing brings clarity for the intention, and reinforces the message of the intention that goes out into the Universe. Unexpressed (or unworded) intention stay vague and so that lack of clarity is often reinforced in the manifestation or lack of it.

Deed or action may well be the toughest part of this for many people, or at least sustained action. New Year’s Resolutions and how many of these that actually come to fruition are a prime example of this. However, it is that sustained action that can bring us the greatest rewards when our intention is aligned in accordance with our Soul purpose. Many people today though find the idea of sustained action too much like hard work!  Many other people are caught up in the culture of immediacy in which we live today, and so focus, or sustained action, can be quite challenging.

I am usually really good at that, and a good friend commented on that the other day. I responded by saying I have always been like that. When I thought about it later though, I realised that I had not always been like that and in fact focus and sustained action is in fact a skill that I have learnt in the last twelve years or so. In hindsight, I realise that I have come to view it as an essential part of what I need when I want to create something new or different. Skills are easily learnt or remembered when the motivation is there.

And it’s like that with any aspect of Thought, Word & Deed and manifestation. You can always learn or remember new ways of thinking, expressing, doing and being to create what you want. Essentially it’s doing something different over time, and when we do that we change our energy, and then we change our lives.

It’s one of the areas we go into my online course “Manifestation through the Chakras” which starts on September 19th at 7,30m UK time – live and recorded …whoever you are and wherever you are in the world.