Therapies offered by Doug Buckingham

Hypnotherapy incl Stop Smoking

… helps you to use your own natural ability to access the unconscious mind to safely bring about the changes you require in your life. … Find out more…or…Download Q & As About Hypnotherapy….

Regression Therapy

… involves revisiting earlier memories and experiences which influence our behaviours and everyday life on an unconscious level. This allows a new perspective to be gained which enables blocks from the past to be released which results in positive resolution on all levels….Find out more

Inner Child Therapy

…During the early years of our lives we absorb many things in our environment, both consciously and unconsciously; and consequently we develop many of our internal belief patterns based on the information and behaviour we observe in the world around us and from the people in it….Find out more

Past Life Regression

… can be a very transformative and empowering process for anyone. It can give us valuable insights into our lives. The knowledge we gain can help us overcome obstacles, phobias, fear and habits and resolve relationship issues…Find out more

Spirit Release / Energy Field Clearance

… is the means used to assist with a condition known as spirit or energy attachment. The goal of a session is to remove the energy attachment, and to cleanse, balance and restore the person to optimum health… It is a comfortable, safe and simple process….Find out more….

Life Between Lives

An LBL allows you to access memories of the ‘in-between-lives’ realm where we reside when we are not incarnated. LBL is loosely based upon the work of Dr. Michael Newton, the Author of ‘Destiny of Souls’ and ‘Journey of Souls’ …Find out more


… is a therapy that reduces stress, improves relaxation and promotes well-being and balance on all levels: the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual… Find out moreTherapies

Sound Healing

Sound is a vibrational energy that can help to relax you and thus reduce stress levels, and in doing so it usually assists in the ability to sustain a deeper sense of inner peace and thus facilitates the “right energy” to sustain well being and better health..Find out more…

Find Your Self

Many people need a little extra guidance when walking along life’s journey, and particularly when you are actively embracing or already travelling upon the spiritual path. There may be times when we cannot seem to work out for ourselves how to move forward. Often, it’s useful to get another person’s view on the issue as that someone will generally have no emotional attachment to a situation and can therefore offer a very different perspective. Find out more

As well as offering a range of therapies on a 1-2-1 basis, I am also a trainer with Cara – The Centre of Transformational Learning