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I am trained in a many different modalities,  and so can offer you a number of possibilities. However, my specialities are Hypnosis, Regression and Sound Healing, and with all of those mediums, and everything else that I do, I help you get back to the source of the problem to first understand, and then to reframe and release it, so that you can move forward in your current life.

If you would like a free 15 minute consultation to ask what might best serve you, then you can book one here

Over the past decade or more in practice, I have worked many thousands of clients with a variety of different issues. My speciality though is relationships, whether that is how your relationships are not working, and the accompanying emotions/thoughts/behaviours that go with that, or whether it is the absence of a relationship. I also work with many clients for their relationship to abundance (money) and the issues that result from that. Your relationship to yourself, and the accompanying emotions, thoughts and beliefs that go with that on a subconscious level,  is what vibrates into the world around and affects your other relationships – whether that is your partner relationships (or lack of one), your relationships with friends (or scarcity of them), with your family or even your relationship with money, or with your purpose in life (usually how to find it). Self-esteem, self-love and self worth are qualities that define you and how you walk in the world and I find that most people I have ever met can do some self-enhancement work in those areas.

You may want to browse If you have a particular issue or challenge in your life that you would like to work with, then I suggest you email me  and we can arrange something. And/or you may want to browse through the list of options below and see if anything resonates with you – regression therapy and inner child are two that often do with many of my clients. Though you are highly likely may get benefit from one session (past life regression and Stopping Smoking are good examples of that) , generally I work with clients over a course of 2-4 sessions.

Sometimes it is difficult to get a real feel for knowing if a certain type of therapy will be helpful for you, or even if you are approaching the right person. After all, most websites have their best testimonials posted on their pages, so it can be difficult to choose between all the wonderful options available to you these days.

To help you make your choice, I am offering you an opportunity to schedule a free 15 minute consultation call via Skype or Zoom. Then you can get more of a sense of what you are considering is all about, as well a feel for the person you will be working with!! I usually have a few of these 15 minute slots available each week, and you are most welcome to schedule one for you by clicking right here.

Otherwise, you can find out more below…


Hypnotherapy incl Stop Smoking

… helps you to use your own natural ability to access the unconscious mind to safely bring about the changes you require in your life. … Find out more…or…Download Q & As About Hypnotherapy….

Regression Therapy

… involves revisiting earlier memories and experiences which influence our behaviours and everyday life on an unconscious level. This allows a new perspective to be gained which enables blocks from the past to be released which results in positive resolution on all levels….Find out more

Inner Child Therapy

…During the early years of our lives we absorb many things in our environment, both consciously and unconsciously; and consequently we develop many of our internal belief patterns based on the information and behaviour we observe in the world around us and from the people in it….Find out more

Past Life Regression

… is a very transformative and empowering process for anyone. It can give us valuable insights into our lives. The knowledge we gain can help us overcome obstacles, phobias, fear and habits and resolve relationship issues…Find out more

Spirit Release / Energy Field Clearance

… is the means used to assist with a condition known as spirit or energy attachment. The goal of a session is to remove the energy attachment, and to cleanse, balance and restore the person to optimum health… It is a comfortable, safe and simple process….Find out more….

Life Between Lives

An LBL allows you to access memories of the ‘in-between-lives’ realm where we reside when we are not incarnated. LBL is loosely based upon the work of Dr. Michael Newton, the Author of ‘Destiny of Souls’ and ‘Journey of Souls’ …Find out more


Sound Healing

Sound is a vibrational energy that can help to relax you and thus reduce stress levels, and in doing so it usually assists in the ability to sustain a deeper sense of inner peace and thus facilitates the “right energy” to sustain well being and better health..Find out more…

Find Your Self

Many people need a little extra guidance when walking along life’s journey, and particularly when you are actively embracing or already travelling upon the spiritual path. There may be times when we cannot seem to work out for ourselves how to move forward. Often, it’s useful to get another person’s view on the issue as that someone will generally have no emotional attachment to a situation and can therefore offer a very different perspective. Find out more

As well as offering a range of therapies on a 1-2-1 basis, I am also a trainer with Cara – The Centre of Transformational Learning