The Truth about Hypnosis

The Truth About Hypnosis

Whilst Hypnosis is becoming a lot more widely accepted in the mainstream media, with some wonderful success stories increasingly available to read about, there are still a few misconceptions about the truth about hypnosis i.e. the most important subjects of what it actually is and what it does.

I am sure you are well of the simplicity of hypnosis and what it is and is not. In case you’re not, though, or have a friend, family member or colleague who still remains confused or cynical about it, you might like to have to have a look at this short video, and find some clarity for yourself or others


By Bringing Change to Your Subconscious, then You Can Change Your Every Day Life. 

Hypnosis helped me to bring about big changes in my life more than a decade ago, and I have been using it to help me ever since. I have also used it with the thousands of others I have worked with, and the hundreds of others that I have trained in hypnosis in the past decade.

In case you are interested to find out more about hypnosis sessions, my online self-hypnosis course or accredited training, then feel free to contact me. 

Have a Positively Hypnotic Day 

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