The Power of Past Lives

The Power of Past Lives!

“Travelling to past lives is like making a hole in the floor and letting the flames of the fire in the apartment below scorch and burn the present.”

Paulo Coelho

The truth is that right now I am in a past life groove, so to speak, and so I am going to write about past lives …again. I say again because I wrote about past lives every day last week on social media, and will link the posts at the end of this article.

The one and only truth about working with past lives is that they can improve your current life now. The rest of it – emotional resonance, historical/geographical connection, patterns similar to your current life, people who seem similar to those in the current life and all the rest – is nice of course though largely “small fry” when compared with the potential for changing your life in the here and now.

I was chatting with a fellow at the weekend about the power of past lives. His wife is a firm convert and had asked him to read my posts on social media. He wasn’t convinced at all …. I told him that was fine.

the power of past livesHe then spent 10 minutes telling me how difficult his life had been. He’d had what he called a run of bad luck stretching back years. I, on the other hand, could almost hear and see synchronities and patterns from past lives jumping out at me. It’s not my job (literally) to tell people about their past lives though…for me the power comes when they discover it within themselves.

When he’d finished talking, he asked me if I could help him. I told him a few disguised anecdotes about people I’d helped with physical issues, with emotional ones, with problems at the psychological level. I told him this and that and I even told him about someone I’d worked with with a run of bad luck not dissimilar to his (that resulted from a past life curse). In short I told him that a lot of people had got their power back when working with past lives with both me and other practitioners.

I told him about the potential and the power of past lives and told him the door was open to him too….that he didn’t necessarily need to believe in past lives (there is no “solid evidence” to satisfy the analytical mind). He just needed to buy into the concept that the process has been helpful for 1000s of 1000s of people, and it could be for him.

I wish I could relate a happy ending about this fellow here, however the truth is he said “he wasn’t sure and would go away and think about whether he wanted a session”. I hope he has a burst of inspiration from somewhere….

Before we finished talking, I told him I never try & convince anybody, & I agreed with him that there is no scientific evidence that past lives are real, however there is a tremendous amount of evidence (call it anecdotal if you must)  that past lives help anybody…and he is an anybody…just like you and me

However, I reminded him about the thousands upon thousands of ordinary people like you and me who have benefitted from working with past lives. I pointed out that all over the world that must be a significant number of people. That is the power of past lives and whether it’s real, placebo or something else, who cares so long as it makes a difference here and now (ish) !!!

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