The Energy of Anticipation

The Energy of Anticipation
“Well,” said Pooh, “what I like best,” and then he had to stop and think. Because although Eating Honey was a very good thing to do, there was a moment just before you began to eat it which was better than when you were, but he didn’t know what it was called.”

A. A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh
A few years ago, I worked with someone, who by their own admission, expected either something to go wrong, or the very worst to happen with their life path. They had come to work with me because they had tripped across a blog post I had written on Quantum Reality and then they found an old audio recording I had made called “My Glass is More Than Half-Full” and so thought I was the right person to help them out, and luckily it turned out that I was.

I have learnt a bit about Quantum mechanics since I wrote about it back in the day, however I cannot claim to be an expert on it. What I do know is that our
eyes and our mind use the same parts of the visual cortex to process information. So, when we close our eyes and imagine something, the same parts of the visual cortex become active in the same way as they would if we were seeing something directly in front
of us.

What this means according to Quantum reality is that our brains cannot tell the difference between “real” external reality, and “imagined” reality. So, mostly we experience the external reality that we have created internally. That’s what I consider to be old news, and I have written and tallked about in many different ways, though it’s still a principle that many have difficulty believing in. It requires a letting go of what we have been taught to date, and perhaps a lot of faith. Nevertheless, it is a quantum reality and that is the Universe in which we now found ourselves. 

Anyway, to come back to the person I was working with…they had a fantastic amount of self-awareness which was very helpful to their process of moving forward. They recognised that their default setting of expecting the worst to happen was based on their previous (mainly childhood) experiences where “bad” things had actually happened. Plus they identified that the everyday langauge they used was counter-productive to their purpose i.e. it was negatively orientated most of the time and focused on what they didn’t want, rather than what they did want…Furthermore they also admitted that most of their habits and behaviours set them up for challenges rather than successes.

So, we worked with regression to clear the childhood stuff, hypnosis to help remind them to positive orientate their everyday chat both internally and to others, and they embarked upon a rigorous cleansing pattern of their patterns and behaviours.

And they started to anticipate positive outcomes for themselves. When they did this, it was more than just repeating affirmations, it was situation affirming in every aspect of their being – mentally, emotionally, energetically and physically – in the sense that they used all of their senses. They used that energy of anticipation of eating the honey (see Winnie-the-Pooh quote above) to get started. Then we used to hypnosis to help build “this muscle” (neural pathway) within them and they listened to the hypnosis excitedly and often, and they continued to “imagine” positive scenarios throughout their day.

If you were thinking about this in a scientific way, you could say that they learnt to work with the neuroplasticity of their brain, created new neural pathways, programmed their reticular activating system to look out for the positives that had previously been “hidden” from them, and so generated themselves with a nice flow of seratonin hits throughout their day, and so generally felt better about their life. And that all worked fantastically well for them, however there is one big thing that I haven’t mentioned… that they re-trained themselves to do…with a little help

AND that thing really was the icing and the candles on the cake, so to speak.

as they learnt to RELAX!!

Sounds simple, obvious or whatever you like, nonetheless when you go through any kind of change in your life, and this person was making some big ones, your natural response may well be to tense up physical, mentally, emotionally and energetically. And you may not even notice that you do that, until you start to get fearful, worried or anxious about the unknown that’s happening. i.e. you create stress, which is usually unhelpful for most things.

Change is a constant companion during your life and there are positive ways to move through change without repressing, denying or pushing it away. Approaching it in a relaxed state and with a welcoming energy of positive anticipation (as if you are about to eat your version of Pooh’s honey) can reframe your perspective of how change is for you when it comes. It doesn’t mean that “difficult” circumstances stop entering your life, however it is likely to help you to develop the inner resources that allow you to approach and navigate change more comfortably than ever before.

Spring is here (sort of) and other changes are afoot in the astrological heavens and on planet earth. Looking at and how you make and embrace changes over the next few months and years could be the most important thing you do for yourself right now….remember the bit about anticipating eating the honey !!

With Love & Anticipation