The Concept of Reincarnation?

The Concept of Reincarnation?

If you believe in, or are open to, the concept of reincarnation then you might well believe in the idea of an immortal Soul too?

There are many ways to think of the Soul in different cultures, philosophies and perspectives.

Personally I like to think of the Soul as something that “has us” rather than us having a Soul, something that nudges and pulls our personality us in certain directions in the current life.

Something that has pre-planned certain events and pathes in our life in order to learn and grow from, though at the same time acknowledging our free will to say Left instead of Right whenever we want to.

Sitting beneath both of the main reasons that I talked about yesterday as to why people might want to come for a PL session is the “real” reason. It’s always the Call of the Soul that pull us in, whether it’s through the guise of curiosity or through one of the many variations of stuckness we humans experience.

Past life regression is one of the greatest ways to work with the Soul’s unfinished business from previous lifetimes that are playing out in this lifetime. Its help you to understand the consequences of previous choices and to release any unhelpful patterns.

From that vantage point of having released what no longer serves you, you can start to realise that you are ultimately responsible for creating and fashioning your own life in the here and now. That is true power!

With Love

Doug x