Reiki Feedback

Reiki Feedback

“I’ve had several sessions with Doug; I went into the first one sceptical, but curious, and now I’m always bending my friends’ ears about how fantastic it is! Doug always takes a great effort to make you feel relaxed and to explain what it’s all about – I can’t recommend him highly enough!”

Stu, musician


I have been seeing Doug for Reiki sessions on a regular basis in the past year and during this time I have noted improvements in my overall health and well-being. The treatments are not only relaxing physically but somehow comforting emotionally as well and are helping me to lower my level of stress, whilst giving me an energy boost and keeping me motivated to follow a healthier lifestyle. Thank you Doug.

Tania, Marketing Executive


I experienced Reiki for the first time when I was treated by Doug. He is, in my opinion, formidable in what he does. He approached my issue with great insight and the healing I received from him was powerful and rapid. I have not experienced anything quite like it before and will without hesitation return to see him and recommend him to others as what he does works.

Mark Thompson


Doug’s place is a wonderful space with very welcoming and calming energy. I’ve been going to Reiki sessions for 15 years, and Doug is one of the best practitioners I’ve seen. Highly recommended to anyone with a busy lifestyle to recharge your batteries.

Michelle, Docklands.


Doug is an amazing healer. The energy he channels is very strong and powerful. I have felt inspired and energised after each of my sessions. He has also given me tools that I can use to help me with everyday life. As well as recommending Doug to everyone, I would especially recommend him to pregnant women. My baby loves it and moves like she has never done before when I have reiki done by Doug. Amazing experience and definitely worth trying.

Chia-Yen Oh, E-marketing executive


I always feel much more at ease after I have had Reiki with Doug and also a lot more energised and enthusiastic about this life … Alex, P.A.