Hypnotherapy & Regression Feedback

Doug is an extremely talented practitioner. He has helped me to heal some major life issues and make profound changes which I thought would never be possible, using a range of techniques which he uses intuitively according to the issues presented. Perhaps most importantly, he hasn’t done thngs to me; he has facilitated me doing my own inner work, which is very empowering and sustainable.

His manner is friendly and professional and I feel able to safely talk about very personal issues which are listed to with compassion and respect. Doug also sets clear boundaries which are fundamental to the treatment.

Overall, I have been able to completely put my trust in Doug’s intuitive healing techniques which he blends with my own inner guidance to create a profound healing experience every time.

Philip Milburn, July 2010


Spiders used to scare me to death -size really didn’t matter -they crawled into a room and I ran out. Now,after a couple of sessions with Doug, I have even been able to pick up a spider (it was small and not a furry one but even so – I call that huge progress). Doug was brilliant -so patient and genuine but with a warmth and understanding that made it easy to open up to him. I can not recommend him highly enough. Elizabeth Hicks, July 2010


A remarkable improvement. Much calmer no panic attack despite cloud cover and “bumps” when coming into land…..SM, Banker (following hypnotherapy for fear of flying)


Thank you. I passed!! SC, Driver


Thank you for the session yesterday which I found very helpful and quite exhilarating FR


It’s now been three months since I smoked and I just feel so much healthier. I feel the session gave me the exact boost that I need to win this time. Thank you. PT


Just listening to that relaxation mp3 that you gave me sent me into an amazing space. I listen to it 1 or 2 nights a week in between sessions and I feel so much less stressed, DB



“Doug was highly recommended to me for Past Life Regression Therapy by several colleagues and tutors (healing course). This was indeed confirmed when I had my first session with him, it was amazing! I also had the great opportunity of watching one of his webinars and I am looking forward to participate of some of his workshops in the close future.” Thank you Doug!
Elaine Di Bernardi

‘I’d been suffering with severe asthma for some time, every year with the first sign of spring I’d get terrible hayfever and asthma and the only way to combat it was with homeopathic remedies. This year the asthma was worst than normal and I could find little relief for it. I had a session with Doug to go to the source and discover the reason for this, I found myself in a past life where I had suffocated from fumes which filled my lungs, sinuses, eyes, nose and head whilst being burnt at the stake for treating people with herbs and natural remedies. The transformational work Doug carried out during the session enabled me to heal and let go of that energy from the past. There were many parallels with my life now which were incredibly insightful and beneficial to me both mentally and emotionally. I was amazed and delighted to discover the asthma disappeared immediately too. I had been using an inhaler up to 20 times day and night, amazingly I have not had to use it since. The hayfever is also greatly improved and gets better daily. Doug I can not thank you enough, you’ve literally changed my life as I can finally breathe again! Thank you so much.’ JT


I went to see Doug first to see if my emotional concerns could be sorted out with PLR. After a few sessions I then had one for my horse allergies. Each time I drove my daughter to the stables, I had acute allergic rhinitis. I found myself in medieval Japan, as a warrior with a superb war horse. I loved my horse and my horse loved me, but what I did not know was that he hated war. I realized that just before we were both killed in a battle. I was in my early 30s. After a healing process, I was amazed to see my nose happy at the stables!

In another session for my stomach pain, I was a monk being tortured with hot red iron pressed on my stomach, accused falsely for practicing dark art. After this session, the pain did not return, and now I’ve nearly forgotten that I used have horrible stomach pain from time to time.

And with him I learned how to protect my aura and be grounded. It makes a difference. I could go deeper in healing with Doug, found myself able to talk about things I could never do with other therapists before. My healing is not over, but thanks to Doug, I can feel it reached the beginning of the end. YS


Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that everything has been amazing since the session I had with you. NO MORE PAIN!!! Talk about a totally excellent result. Since the pain stopped my personal business has been super busy too and I haven’t even had a chance to advertise and clients have been coming forward so it’s really positive for me in all aspects.

Thank you so much! I hope you have a great year with your work and you manage to continue to have such a positive influence on other people’s lives. SW


I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the past life regression on Monday and I have been feeling great ever since. It left me with a wonderful sense of peace and the feeling that nothing can harm me. Thank you so much!… AM


Thank you very much for the PLR session on Saturday it was a really interesting and good experience. I am still thinking about it (in a good way). MJ


I really feel as if I am gaining so much from these PLR sessions already, thank you. Although I am not currently aware of any major physical changes I sense there are numerous ‘subtle’ ones and that far more is going on, on a much deeper level. PH, Private banker


Overall I was really impressed on the care and explanation you gave to guide me through the session. I have not been put in a trance state like this before and found the steps that led into the past lives process very gentle and reassuring. PS, Film-Maker


I feel so excited after yesterdays session. Before that I had lots of resistance in my body with physical symptoms in my hip and head which are now completey gone. I am just very happy and positive. The feelings of guilt that I had before the session have disappeared. TZ, therapist


Life Between Lives Feedback

“ I am just very happy and positive.” TZ


In relation to the sessions, it has been the beginning of the rest of my life I think. So many things now make sense and after reflecting often, small things come to mind which ‘fit’ with the information I was able to gather during the sessions – some more concrete than others. LH