Course Feedback

Feedback from Recent Reiki Master Participants in Spring 2010

I have just had an amazing 2 weekends. I have learnt so much and been inspired by Doug’s love to share everything with others – the manuals, CDs, knowledge, aura soma, crystals, etc. I have found Doug’s ethos, philosophy and theories very interesting too. And, the workspace was just amazing to work in too!

Thanks again for giving me such an amazing opportunity and course.

Love and light, Chia xxx


Thanks so much for your wonderful inspiring Reiki Master Course and for all the backup forms & material that you have given us. You put a lot of loving effort into all aspects of your course, and your sincerity shines forth. I’m very glad that I decided to do the Master’s course with you.

love & blessings from

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“My life has been enriched so much by Doug – he is a talented & supportive therapist, Reiki Master & Hypnotherapy Instructor. I wholeheartedly recommend Doug to those who might be looking for professional help/guidance or advancement in pursuits for the mind, body & soul. He is a very gifted individual!” KB


“Doug is a truly exceptional therapist and teacher. His enthusiasm, wisdom, authenticity, warmth and encouragement allow you to reach higher than you ever thought possible.” J.T


“Doug passes on his expertise using a relaxed yet thorough teaching style. I have benefited hugely from my Reiki training with him and always find his courses to be highly enjoyable events!”
DF, Teacher


“I have trained with Doug in Reiki Level 1, 2 and Master/Teacher and could not recommend him more highly for creating such stimulating days and providing first rate ongoing support.” EW


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very pleased to have completed training with you. Thank you for your help and guidance. It was a positive, well organised course. I enjoyed the day and will be using the techniques….N.M.


Thank you so much for introducing me to Reiki and getting me through level 1. I have been practicing everyday and feel so much more at peace with myself. Friends have noticed a change – which is great. I’m glad I signed up for the course as I feel that it is going to be a part of my everyday life now….L.L.


My work will change as a result of Reiki due to a deeper understanding of how we are as human beings and will therefore be able to channel energies through my clients to help them in whatever way…. JV


Thanks for today i really enjoyed it the relaxed atmosphere was great and thank you for your hospitality….TB


Thank you so much for the Reiki 2. I really enjoyed it.. I’m still on a ‘reiki high’! It’s great! I’m now using Reiki on my daughter.. why I didn’t use it for her eye before, I don’t know….CO


I can now relax more effectively and hopefully pass this on to others. C.B.


I think my health is going to be better with less stress and better ways of thinking M.A.


I feel more positive since the course G.S.


I feel that I have benefited much more than I expected from the Reiki II course and am really looking forward to using my upgraded Reiki skills in more and more ways. Thanks Doug! D.F