Synchronicity in Your Life?

Synchronicity in Your Life?

Synchronicity holds the promise that if we want to change inside, the patterns of our external life will change as well.”

Jean Shinoda Bolen

Do you buy into the concept of synchronicity, or do you still have more faith in coincidence?

I deleted the word “coincidence” from my inner dictionary a long time ago. Instead, I take the view that everything happens is for a reason, and that reason is connected to my entire being, its individual frequency and my Soul purpose for this incarnation. And my life just flows around that.

Hopefully, you have plenty of days where everything just seems to fall into place and your day runs smoothly? Perhaps that feels as though you part of a fabulous synchronised swimming team, and the world around you just seems to flow with you. That’s essentially what it is to be living a synchronistic life. It probably means you have you have embraced the concept that you live in a vibrational universe where everything is connected.

synchronicity in your life

Equally, you’re undoubtedly aware that you are essentially consciousness within an electro-magnetic energy field, and this combination draws back to you vibrational matches into your physical life. You are living a life of alignment, and operating from a space of happiness, gratitude et al and invariably finding yourself in the right place at the right time and doing the right thing.

Maybe you have those days where you’re much more aware of random coincidences/synchronicities that seem to stand out more, where it seems as though the Universe, or an unseen part of yourself, is sending you a message to take notice of something. And of course it is!

When something happens, like bumping into someone you haven’t seen in years, the universe is sending you that message, telling you that there is something more for you to explore here in this meeting with this specific person. When two people come together for a longer time period and “click” in some way, it usually means that their vibration reflects yours in some way and that there’s something deeper and more ongoing to learn. Everything is interconnected in this universe, and so every moment and every action within your life is linked. In the past, present and the future everything that happens, happens with connection.

The Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung is credited with coining the term synchronicity. He described it as the appearance of “meaningful coincidences” that seem random and are unlikely to occur by chance, and on a deeper level are exactly what you need. He also explained synchronicity in energy terms, saying that “everything that happens, happens in vibration before it comes into your physical experience.” And that is indeed how synchronicity is; it has already happened energetically before it happens in your life.

Perhaps you, or someone close to you, does not believe in synchronicity?

You can of course go through life thinking everything that happens is random and without meaning or order. More scientifically minded people may even dismiss potential synchronicities as apophenia, which is defined as seeing false patterns in random or meaningless data. After all, most of us have been grown up believing that reality is fixed and that life happens to us, rather than it being something that we have a hand in creating. It does ultimately come down to where your belief system lies.

Jung is reported to have said that “synchronicity is an ever-present reality for those with the eyes to see.” So yes, you have a choice of whether to open your mind up to the possibility that everything is happening for you or not. When your perception of coincidences … (or are they synchronicities?) will change, and so you engage more with the ever present flow available for you.

The reality is that synchronicities present themselves more obviously when you start to engage with your Soul Journey. Then, what is present in your consciousness starts to make itself more manifest into your conscious reality. When you venture deep enough into the consciousness, then the synchronicities become how life is, rather than an occasional surprise, as the walls between your inner world and the outer reality you create begin to dissolve.

Synchronicities are one way that the Soul shows you that you are “on track.” They may be a sign you are reading the ‘right’ book, meeting the ‘right’ person, etc. Bear in mind though, that a synchronicity does not necessarily mean that everything will turn out perfectly, for synchronicity is merely a confirmation that you are on the next step of your Soul Path. What our Souls have in store for us is not always what our personality wants. Nevertheless, we always get what the Soul needs.

In essence synchronicity is an indicator of potential, and the only way to find out its real relevance for your journey is to approach it with a clear and open mind, and then test it out in real life. The simple way to work with synchronicities and develop a greater understanding of their potential for you is to firstly to be open and aware. The recognition alone of the synchronicity heightens that connection between the deeper levels of consciousness and the personality self. Once that connection strengthens, it becomes easier to get an authentic knowing for the importance of the synchronicity. At that point, you will either start to notice more of them, or more will start happening, or synchronicity becomes a permanent part of the flow of your life.

As you keep track of synchronicities happening in your life, you can also develop a greater feeling for them and their significance to you. You may well become more aware of patterns that surround them. You might even start to develop a greater understanding of what is being triggered in your consciousness to create these meaningful happenings. Awareness and ownership of your part in reality creation are vital steps to manage your own energy and as a result, your life and your Soul journey. That is why synchronicity is important to take notice of. It gets you where you need to go.

Simple ways that synchronicities might manifest in your life:

  • Someone who you think of then just “happens to call”, text or even appear right afterwards.
  • You starting watching a new TV series, or film , or read a new book and come to realise how perfectly the story resonates with you at that moment in time.
  • You are out somewhere and overhear a conversation that accurately reflects whatever topic or problem you are currently experiencing in your life.
  • Following on from that problem solving appears to happen by magic – the right book falls off the shelf etc. etc.
  • The people you need appear with solutions for your life.The perfect social media manager, the friend who’s a dog walker etc.
  • You receive an inspiring message right when you really need it. Isn’t social media just great for that? Or perhaps it’s a song on the radio or some other way …
  • You start seeing special numbers. When you start noticing number sequences, such as 11.11 or 12.12 or 444 or any arrangement of master numbers or angel numbers, realise that they are there for a reason too. You might see them on clocks, phones, car dashboards, receipts or car number plates.

Remember when you notice these “synchronistic signs”, it is a perfect moment to check in with yourself. Pay attention to what’s going on with you and the wider universe and check in with the meaning of the moment for you. Remember this “synchronistic sign” is reflecting back to you the deepest expression of who you are, and it is supportive of your Soul journey or this lifetime. Then you can take inspired action in alignment with your highest goals and highest good!!


Love & blessings