Step by Step

I hope you are doing very well,

If recent events in California and Michigan are anything to go by, then people in America are starting to get actively restless about the lockdown. Who knows how we will move forward practically. The likelihood, though, is that there will be a step by step dismantling of the restrictions in the UK.

There are most definitely a range of pros and cons from the lockdown at the past few weeks. For the first time ever, so many people on the planet have had the chance to actually have more time for themselves for a sustained period of time.

I wonder how many have taken that time and been able to reflect upon life, their journey in it and what happens next? Perhaps wondering if the “COVID-19“virus has been a disaster for the world, or maybe simply a cosmic correction.

The one question that everyone might want to ask themselves is what will change once lockdown is finally over?

Whilst that is most definitely a question that applies to the planet, it is also of course an individual question. Every event in our life is an opportunity to learn and grow, and if you have been able to use this time to do exactly that, then perhaps your life will change in many ways. And perhaps there will be many people who make the choice to change, giving impetus to global change on a grand scale?

The obvious global positives of the lockdown to date are the marked drop in pollution levels (with less planes in the sky, less cars on the road and much less industrial pollution), and less litter on the streets. Though no stats have been published, I guess that crime levels have fallen significantly too. And there will have been many other benefits to the planet. Even the corporate monster that is Amazon have no longer been able to deliver the one day instant gratification that they once could.

On the community and family level, perhaps there has been a greater sense of coming togetherness, more communication, more being present to the challenges and successes of those around you. Or contrarily, perhaps difficulties within the family and personal relationships that have come to the fore during this time together?

For those who live in towns and cities, the notable absence of green space that we have been so busy building concrete upon might have proved challenging, and the feeling of confinement much stronger. However, there has been more smiling all round, and more clapping and applauding those working hard to help others.

There have been many changes and differences in the last 6 weeks. Perhaps one thing that we can all agree upon is that all of this change happened in what seemed like an instant. As the Buddha is reported to have said, “Change can happen in the blink of an eye”. So perhaps a cosmic correction of some kind?

Who knows how we will move forward individually and globally from these times.

Will we be wiser, will we cherish life and the time we have here more?

Will we pay more attention to those who are with us on the journey through life??


What did we learn from this time?

And will we embody it moving forward?

Are perhaps the two biggest questions that need answering….


Some people will of course delight in the return to whatever form “Normality “takes in the future; whilst others will delight in having paid attention to the cosmic correction and the changes that have that have taken place as a result for them.

What about you?

How will your life be different moving forward…?

Or won’t it?

I’ve been fortunate to have been running my online chakra course over the past couple of weeks, and I had the chance to reflect on how the cosmic correction has been applicable in chakra terms. I speculated on the first week of the course that what was happening in the world was very much a crown chakra reset. In chakra terms the start of a new dawn!

The crown chakra is very much a connection to something greater than ourselves (insert whatever belief system you like here) and there has been much opportunity for people to reflect, to meditate, to embrace their spirituality and generally to be present (another crown chakra theme) to some greater evolutionary process unfolding around them.

One of the negative traits of the crown chakra is fundamentalism, thinking that things have to be this way. We’ve all certainly found that the life we thought was unfolding in a certain way, has now been turned on its head. A crown chakra learning.

The crown chakra is also very much about trust; trust in something greater than ourselves, and very importantly trust (or faith) in ourself and in our relationship to that something greater. We’ve all had that chance (and choice) too.

One of the many themes of the third eye chakra is the presence of Polarity (the third eye is symbolised by a flower with two petals). Perhaps we as a species are being divided into two, like the energy at the third eye? Maybe into those who will embrace the potential change more easily, and those who desire for normality will keep them where they are.

The chakras are part of your energetic reality, that are linked to your physical being (and your immune system) and they tell a story. Your story! Likewise, the planet has chakra points, a country has chakras, and they can even symbolically tell the story of a country (the rise and fall of an empire for example), or a process like the one we have going on now.

As energy is everywhere and everything, so too are the energetic points that comprise the energy body. The meridians of the energy body (Nadis in the Vedic tradition) are present in the land in the form of ley lines (and the planetary grid).

If you’re lucky, like I am, to have easy access to the land (and energy lines in it) then you may notice that the vibrancy of the land (i.e. the frequency) is more present than ever at the moment. As the planet’s vibration changes, so too will that of those people that are in tune with it.

What will happen with those who rush back to stress and pressure and immediate gratification as a way of being?

What will happen with those that attune of the changes happening within and around us?

Nobody knows of course.

However, step by step we are going to find out.

If you see this scenario as a cosmic correction then you might believe that it’s possibly the most exciting thing to have ever happened on the planet (written with compassion and empathy to those who are sick or have lost someone recently).

If you see it as a restriction of normal life, you might believe it is one of the worst things to have ever happened. (Historical statistics on pandemics and global infections suggest otherwise).

Whatever your belief is, acceptance of the situation as “it is” will have made your time easier over the last few weeks.

Going forward, I would like to suggest that we all have a wonderful opportunity to live more stress free lives, more harmoniously with each other and with the planet.

And if you want to go one step further, to embrace the concept that we are all much more than physical materiality, and are Souls have another awakening. Step by step, something is happening….

Blessings to you


Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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