Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual Counselling

We often need a bit of extra guidance, or sometimes we even lose our way, when we are travelling on the spiritual path. There may be times when we can’t seem to work out for ourselves how to move forward. Often, it’s useful to get another person’s view on the issue as that someone will generally have no emotional attachment to a situation and can therefore offer a very different perspective.

For a spiritual or energy related situation, I have a wealth of experience in many different areas and can offer guidance and support. Many of my Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Regression etc involve a counselling or consultative aspect to them

I offer a few different options for spiritual counselling sessions:

  1. One hour session in person – £75
  2. One hour session by phone or skype – £75
  3. Half hour session by phone or skype only – £40
  4. 3 x One hour sessions by Skype/in person – £200

Please note that overseas sessions are only carried out by Zoom or Skype.