Sound Healing

I am an experienced Sound healer and have been working with Sound for over 10 years. As well as using crystal bowls, crystal pyramids, gongs and sometimes drum and other instruments, I also work with my voice as healing tool (I’m an experienced hypnotherapist and channel healing through the voice).

When I carry out sessions for clients or groups, I usually use a combination of tools to assist the client’s empowerment and healing during the session, however I am also well aware that some people have a preference, and so I also offer sessions which are specifically focused on:

Crystal Sound Healing – Using Bowls, Pyramids (and Tuning Forks coming soon)

Gong Sound Healing  (I have a Pluto, Neptune and Venus gong that I work with)

I work with both individuals and groups, and can carry out short 1 hour sessions or more intense experiences (especially with the gong which last a few hours.) I also run regular crystal bowl sound evenings for groups.

Sound For individuals and smaller groups I offer the sound healing experience within my pyramid, which is modelled on the Giza pyramid design (51 degrees) and created from copper tubing (for ultimate energy conductivity).

All sessions take place in my home in Chalfont St. Giles, Bucks, unless you have a suitable space and a group are are specifically interested in me travelling to you.

Sound is a vibrational energy that can be wonderfully healing when combined with the right intention. It can help to relax you and thus reduce stress levels, and in doing so it usually assists in the ability to sustain a deeper sense of inner peace and thus facilitates the “right energy” to sustain well being and better health.

You are helped by the energy to relax your conscious mind and achieve alpha and theta brainwave states that promote that deeper sense of relaxation where healing happens. The energy and vibrations of the sound promote a relaxation of the body and soul as well as the mind.