Sound Healing Sunday Is Sound Healing Monday – Just Once!?!

Change is the one of the very few constants in our lives, and whilst Sound Healing Sunday seems to work so well, change has happened to it too …

And so, this month’s Gong Bath is taking place on Monday 28th January – If you’d like to come along, it promises to be a delicious night, and will provide a welcome bit of relief for anyone who doesn’t like Mondays….every day is better when it has a Gong bath in it!!


The Cacao Ceremony on Saturday 9th Feb has 6 places left on it at the time of writing, plus the next Crystal Sound take places the next evening at 7pm – If they sound good to you, then click on the blue boxes in the evening event links below to find out more and book your places.


My next “Transform Your Relationship with Money” takes place on the weekend of the 16-17th February – this is a workshop that can truly make a difference to all areas of your life, when you are willing and able to integrate the learnings from it into your life and let your life flow.

And finally, I will be offering another online webinar “Manifesting More Consciously” as a free introduction to the 7 week “Manifestation Through the Chakras” course starting on 7th February – sign up for the free introduction webinar here and get a discount for the 7 week course.

“It doesn’t matter about the size of the steps you take, so long as they are in the right direction”

I hope to see you soon

Love & Gratitude