Sound Healing Events Coming Up 

Sound Healing Events Coming Up

Sound Is the Medicine of the Future was said about a 100 or so years ago, so it’s probably coming true about now!!

What I am noticing more and more in almost all of my sound healing events is that people are reporting that a physical symptom is shifting or changing, whether that’s aches and pains, or something a bit more long term. And that’s testament to the power of sound!!

No promises made of course, however sound shifts stuff so come along with a positive intention and make some changes that work for you!!

Sound healing features either exclusively or significantly in all of the following events.

Gong Bath Fri 22nd Feb

Crystal Sound Sun 10th March

Cacao Ceremony Sat 16th March








It doesn’t matter about the size of the steps you take, so long as they are in the right direction”

I hope to see you soon

Love & Gratitude