Soul Work

Soul Work

You have the knowledge of your entire multi-dimensional being at your fingertips,
When you realise that you do, this enables you to solve the problems or meet the challenges for this play (life) that you have set for yourself that bit quicker,
and it also opens further areas of creativity by which the entire production (or life) can be enriched.

Jane Roberts, Seth Speaks

We often lose our way, get confused or even stuck when we are travelling along the journey of the Soul and especially when we start to knowingly embrace the more spiritual or energetic aspects of our reality.  There may well be times when we cannot seem to work out for ourselves how to move forward, and we get marooned in the same place for too long, or even struggle to get properly started with connecting with the Soul. It can be disheartening, depressing and often frustrating. That’s when committing to doing some soul work can is essential. Whether that’s by yourself, or with the helpful guidance of another, doesn’t really matter. It is the committment that is important.

If you choose to work with another then it can be especially helpful to get another person’s view on whatever is going on with you, especially when that someone has no emotional attachment to a situation, have often experienced it themselves, or has a client who has gone through the same thing and can therefore offer a different or fresh perspective for you. The journey of the Soul is long (many lifetimes) and unravelling how it can work best for you in this lifetime.

More than ever before, I believe it is an essential time to be doing the “inner work”. It doesn’t really matter with whom, when, how or where you are doing it, so long as you are doing it. It’s crucial for both us as individuals and humanity as a whole to evolve and that can be done by working with Soul and raising your frequency accordingly.

I often have clients people asking for appointments and saying something like “I don’t know which of the therapies that you offer are what I need”. Rather than pinning them down to a specific therapeutic label, what they do is book some some form of Soul work, and we follow the flow of what is needed whether that’s Soul-centred coaching, inner child, past life, sound healing, aura soma or other energy healing work or most commonly of all an organic blend of a few things. All of the inner work you do at this moment in time helps to benefit the deepening of the connection between the Soul and the personality.

Essentially all of the work that I do is Soul work, whether my clients relate to in that way or not, as I have a wealth of tools that I work with during these sessions. Or perhaps you need someone to “run ideas by” or even to give you a bit of extra guidance or coaching for your journey journey.  Often the latter can be just what you need in order to move forward.

soul work

I have a wealth of experience in many different areas, having worked in the corporate sector for many years, and having been in the spiritual/holistic arena for the last 17 years.I have worked with thousands of clients in that time, and trained hundreds (perhaps even thousands now) of therapists, who I have worked with and often also mentored along the way. Whilst I call this service that I offer “soul work” it very much applies to the journey of life, and can be useful for you when you are engaged on that journey at whatever stage you might happen to be.

I can offer you a pair of fresh ears and eyes, a wealth of experience and understanding, support, perspective and guidance and different ways to help you move forward.

Sessions can be carried out either in person (you come to me) or by Zoom or even by phone. They are available as a one off, or as longer packages (up to 12 months only):

  1. Half hour session on Zoom only – £50
  2. One hour session in person or on Zoom – £85
  3. 2 hour session in person or on Zoom – £170
  4. 3 x One hour sessions by Zoom/in person – £250
  5. 1 session a month (for 6 months) – £495
  6. 1 session a month (for 12 months) – £975

If you would like to see whether I am the right person to work with, or to discuss something specific, then you are very welcome to book a free 15 minute consultation here  

or if you would like to book Soul Work sessions right now, then click here

Please note Soul Work sessions are client-led i.e. you come with an issue that you are choosing to work with, rather than me telling you what you should be doing 🙂

Please note that overseas sessions are only carried out by Zoom