Soul Appreciation

Soul Appreciation

Life is a process where we interract with each others, we become involved in situations, we observe what is happening here or there, and more often than not we develop opinions (and likely some judgements) about those things. The personality is created from a series of building blocks (beliefs and expectations sitting in our subconscious) and generally all of our experiences and interactions serve to both mirror and invoke those beliefs and expectations, often allowing them to be cemented further…

That is, until the Soul comes a knocking on the door ….

For some, that Soul is seemingly always there from the beginning (“It” is, though we may be unaware of “it”), and for others we develop Soul awareness at some point through our lives. The Soul brings a different perception or quality to this thing that we call life. For the Soul doesn’t necessarily seek to have opinions, and it certainly does not crave being in judgement (that is our personality!).

The Soul knows innately that each of us is on a journey, and the Soul goal is to appreciate that. Appreciate that not simply as a mental concept, and acknowledge it here and there. Instead to live that appreciation and make it a way of being (life).

The essence of appreciation is that it is a vibration shifter, in a positive way. Once our personality becomes acclimated to the the Soul way and starts to appreciate that each of is here to live out our karma, work on our samskaras, skip along on our Soul journey (or whatever you want to call it) then this starts to become more like second nature to our personality.

Conversely, judgement is a vibration shifter ….downwards. It’s been said in a plethora of spiritual teachings before, however it is an energetic reality too. When you judge someone or something, then part of your energy gets “stuck” there and holds you back. Ouch!

One of the greatest teachings I ever picked up 20 years or so ago was also one of the simplest. A shaman once shared with me “People are who they are, and they do what they do”. I kind of “got it” at the time and ever since have gone back to it many thousand of times, and worked on living and being it.

It’s easy to get caught up in the opinions and judgements that are so present in the 21st Century. Many things that you see in the media or on social media will trigger your subconscious to a place or space of thinking this or that about that person or situation. In all likelihood, you will come across others who help to reinforce your opinion that you are “right” to think this or that about xxxx… However, in truth there is no right, for xxx is just another Soul (or group of Souls on their karmic journey

The shift from judgement to appreciation is actually a journey self-empowerment and liberation. When you embrace a place of appreciation for YOURSELF and for others, then you move into complete acceptance and unconditional love.You might not stay there (as you will get triggered) however the more you bring yourself back to the recognition that others are as they are, then the more you free yourself.

To be in a place of increasing freedom within yourself is perhaps the only “work” you really ever have to do on yourself. It is the work of a lifetime(s) for those who embrace Soul appreciation.