Sometimes People Are Attracted to Past Lives

Sometimes people are attracted to past lives

Sometimes people are attracted to past lives out of curiosity for who they were or what they did, or perhaps because of an interest in a certain period of history or of course fascination in the more general nature of what really is a captivating subject matter. These are all valid reasons for past life exploration.

However, the majority will investigate the past because they would like to improve an area of their current life. Perhaps one (or more) areas or things are not working quite as well as they would like in their current life…something emotional like a relationship issue, or maybe something psychological like a confidence issue, or even physical ailments and especially unexplainable or undiagnosable ones.

There are in fact many more possibilities. For an undeniable reality is that our consciousness and particularly what is sitting in our subconscious mind defines our everyday reality. When something is not flowing in our lives, then invariably there is a block in our consciousness, which is preventing that flow in our life.

The goal of looking at a past life experience for most people is to discover what the source of the block is in the subconscious mind and then to release and transform it. Then the current life can flow as it should, so that past life work is utilised as the powerful modality that it is, in order to understand more about and subsequently enhance the current life.

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