Some Summer Somethings For You 

 “Leave space for people – and things – to change, including yourself. Likewise, avoid thinking that everything you see, know and assume is an indisputable fact. ” 


I will be talking Hypnosis and Regression on a Canadian radio station “Inspired Choices”on Monday 19th June, and intend to be doing a few more local and larger media appearances over the coming months. If you are interested to tune in, then you can find the details here






I will also be talking past lives and regression at an “Explore Past Lives” evening event at my place in Chalfont St Giles on Wednesday 28th June, as well as offering a powerful group regression experience. Whether or not you have been to one of these evenings or events before, you  might be interested to come along as they are all slightly different and offer you the potential to unlock the power of your subconscious once more.

And I will be running a full weekend of “Soul Discovery” on 12-13th August where you can develop an even greater understanding of yourself, find out what makes you tick, your motivations for this lifetime and how you can use that greater clarity and understanding from your Soul to enhance your current life now.

Other Opportunities for the Summer Are   


Sunday 18th June – A Gong in the Woods

Saturday – Sunday 24-25th – Reiki I Course 

Sunday 25th – Women’s Solstice Circle

Wednesday 28th June – Explore Past Lives



Thursday 3rd – Monday 7th – Hypnosis Training England

Wednesday 9th – Reiki Practice Group 

Saturday 12-13th August – Soul Discovery

Sunday 13th August – Crystal Sound Evening

Weds 30th – Sun 3rd Sept 2017 – Regression Training Module 1 – England 

” Every Problem Has Within It the Seeds of Its Own Solution”


Wishing you a Splendid Summer and

Sending you….

Love & gratitude