Setting Your Focus

Some years ago, I remember writing a newsletter that was titled “Thrive or Survive”. Whilst I can’t remember exactly what I wrote though I probably would have discussed the fact that most people liked and wanted the idea of thriving in their life. I remember that I did a small survey on a local high street, and 10 out of people said they wanted to thrive but also admitted that they weren’t actually thriving in their lives. And when I asked them if they would consider making changes in their lives in order to thrive thy also hesitated…and err hesitated….and   

A few years later here we are in September 2020, and we have been forced into merely surviving for the past 6 months. For anyone in denial of that, good for you, and I will be seriously impressed if you can say that you have been thriving in all aspects of your life for the last 6 months. Billions of people have been waiting for something to change – the government perspective on the stats, on the virus itself, or simply the whole thing to go away, and it has taken a while and is still taking a while. And during that time, many are simply waiting it out and surviving. 

With lockdown over and kids going back to school this week in the UK, there are glimmers of hope for many however that hope is also tinged with fear over the health implications. I have read several emails from complementary health organisations talking about fears of a second wave of the virus. Yes, the very people who should be offering a positive slant, hope and suggestions for keeping your vibes high are succumbing to fear-mongering like the mass media! Yikes!  

The reality is that change is only going to happen when a decent percentage of humanity changes its mindset about what it wants and how it is prepared to live. That doesn’t necessarily mean mass gatherings like the 10,000 who were in Trafalgar Square last weekend, though those type of demonstrations hopefully do generate some awareness to a broader section of the population that suggest to more people that the facts, the figures and the current reality don’t really add up. However, that kind of action is primarily anti- and if you read last month’s newsletter, you’ll have noted the energetic principle that being “anti” simply energises the thing you are “anti” about.  

So, how is that broader mindset change going to come?.

It is of course an inside job – one by one, and …

When enough people in a group, village, town, country, or on the planet consciously set their focus on the positive aspects of how they would like to live and maintain that focus over a sustained period of time, they they can start to effect change. That’s how it works!

It’s been proven many times in history that when groups of people meditate in certain areas for a sustained period of time they can affect social change. One example is the 
“Maharishi Effect” in Merseyside, England, where slightly over one percent of the population meditated together every day from 1988 to 1991. The crime rate dropped so much that Merseyside went from third highest to the lowest-ranked city in England during the time of the analysis. Meditation was the only factor in the study that could account for the change, as the scientists calculated that police practices, local economics, and demographics remained the same throughout the study. Interesting huh?

It’s not always possible to get together a large group of committed people though (see note at the end of this article if you are interested in the principle) so how do you do it on your own? And does that contribute to the great whole (YES!)

And how do you shift your outer reality? Well, unwavering focus and commitment play a big part in that. 

Everybody has a story about how they have thought about or talked about something – let’s say they want to buy a blue electric car – and hey presto, when they next go out of the house, they keep seeing blue electric cars. The reason for that is that we have something called the “Reticular Activating System” (RAS) in our brainstem. It is basically a bundle of nerves that helps to
 filter out unnecessary information so what we want to focus on gets through. The RAS is the reason you start seeing blue electric cars, or why when you learn a new word then you start hearing it everywhere. 

When hearing that, many people say “Well, that’s magic, surely I can have anything I want…..?” Well, the challenge with the RAS is that it seeks information that validates your beliefs. If you have a subconscious belief that you don’t deserve money, then you probably will find it hard to get hold of….until you change the belief.  

You can take the view that is the same as setting your intention and it pretty much is. What it means is if you set your focus, and stay focused with unwavering commitment,  your RAS will help you to find the people, information and opportunities that help you achieve your goals and objectives. 
So how does this relate to where I started off this article. Well, how do your want your life to be? Set your focus and your RAS will help you get there. I think most people have realised in the last 6 months that life is not about “having stuff” and that freedom/lifestyle/quality of life are way more important. So…it is as simple as 

Focus on how you want your life to be 
Avoid the deluge of fear in the media 
Focus on your vision & stay focused 
Acknowledge negative thoughts “I can’t have this….” 
Find some way of dealing with them without burying them 
Coming back to your focus 

It’s a similar principle to many spiritual practices – chanting mantras – meditation groups – in the sense the focused commitment. However it’s also useful to note essentially what you are doing 100% of the time already when you create your life as it is now. You just need to reset your focus – or if you are already having the time of your life, then keep on going as you are. However, the reality is for most people that we could all create a better reality for ourselves and certainly improve the state of the world around us. And it really is down to us as individuals and groups to do that. Politicians and the media are unlikely to move us in a positive new direction. 

I mentioned a bit earlier in the article about meditation groups, and from the end of September I will be starting a regular meditation group. If you are interested and are prepared to commit to a daily 15 minute practice for an initial period of 12 weeks, then please email me. Please note that the commitment is essential (sorry but no excuses) and the group is a “no personal agenda” group, though there may be fringe benefits. Email me if you’re seriously interested