September’s Time For Change!

Begin noticing and being careful about keeping your imagination free of thoughts that you do not wish to materialize. Instead, initiate a practice of filling your creative thoughts to overflow with ideas and wishes that you fully intend to manifest. Honour your imaginings regardless of others seeing them as crazy or impossible.” 
Wayne Dyer
time for change

Impossible = I’m Possible or even It’s Possible… if you want to stretch it further….

September is a good time for change. Perhaps you have seen in several of my newsletters/social media posts over the couple of months (years), how I talk about changing your energy in order to be able to change your reality. After all, everything is energy and when your energy matches the frequency of the reality that you would like, then that reality happens. You can start to bring the changes you want into being. It really is possible!

This is one of the main subjects of my online course  Manifestation Through the Chakras which starts again on Thursday 19th September – it’s a journey through the human energy system (the chakras) to help you to change your energy vibration and thus how or what you are manifesting.

It is a 7 week online course which is LIVE, and also recorded in case you miss a week. As well as the live recordings, there are resources that you can download each. And it’s successfully tried and tested by many people already i.e. it works!! So much so, that some people do the course a second or even third time!!  Readers of this newsletter and my Facebook page can obtain a 10% discount using the code “VIBRATE” at the checkout – you can sign up here

Crystals are an aide to change your energy too, and I will be displaying and selling a few at the St. Albans Vegan show on Bank Holiday Monday 26th. And I will also be teaching Crystals and how to work with them at my Crystal workshops on the 21st and 22nd September

And there’s one place left on my September Hypnosis course

See all of my upcoming events here

September is a good time for change

Have an amazing rest of August and remind yourself that…

“The size of the steps you take doesn’t matter, so long as they are in the right direction.”

Sending you

Love & Blessings