Releasing Past Life Vows

Releasing Past Life Vows

When I was first trained in hypnosis, I had a colleague who was also newly trained, and was what I call a “normal” hypnotherapist. He was good with people and so made an excellent therapist, and one of his particular areas of expertise was people who ran their own small to medium sized businesses, as his main livelihood was marketing and PR.

We often talked “shop”, and one day he told he’d been working with a lot of his clients for money issues, particularly in relation to getting them and their businesses flowing financially. He told me, with a large degree of exasperation in his voice, that the source of the problem with almost every one of his clients was in the same place – in a past life. How I laughed!!! You see, he was a normal hypnotherapist, and whilst he had some tolerance towards past lives, let’s just say he was by no means a believer!

Interestingly enough I’d had pretty much the experiences with the clients that I had worked with for money issues, only I had never thought to mention it, as I am not a “normal” hypnotherapist, and work with all sorts of wonderful things like past lives only a very regular basis. I have continued to discover the same thing occurring with many of my clients over the intervening years, so much so that I developed a workshop around it called “Transform Your Relationship with Money” which runs a couple of times a year.  I have also just released a Life Enhancing Audio entitled “Releasing Vows of Poverty” which I will talk about shortly.

There are a fairly wide range of potential situations that those past life blocks can relate to, however what I have found as a common theme is that many of these blocks are related to the vows that have been made or powerful thought forms that have been created during past lives. These “words of power” are often carried in our Soul consciousness from life to life until they are actively released, ending up as part of our current life subconscious.

It is most likely that you are reading this newsletter because you have a belief system that accepts past lives as a reality or at least a possibility. However, if you are reading it out of curiosity without a fixed opinion, or even as a non-believer, then keep reading. Whatever your belief system is, I would like to ask you to embrace a couple of simple concepts.

Firstly, as Einstein said a hundred years ago, and any quantum physicist will tell you, everything is energy. Every single thing in the Universe (or the Multiverse if you like) is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Therefore, money is energy – that’s all it is. Likewise, words, vows and thought forms are also simply energy. The energy of money of course takes on different forms – paper money, metal money, digital money – it is still just energy at its core. If you want to find out more about money as energy then go on my website, look at the free section and download my free E-Book “Transform Your Relationship to Money”

Secondly, I suggest you embrace the idea that what your current reality is telling you, is that there is a block somewhere in your consciousness that is preventing you from achieving money and abundance in the way you would like. What I would like you to accept is that the block, or the source of it, is sitting somewhere in your subconscious mind and that’s what’s keeping you where you are. Whatever your desires for moving forward may be, whatever changes you attempt etc. nothing has worked so far. And that’s because your subconscious mind has a lot of power and in particular when it’s been strongly programmed in the past. So we need to delete the programme or programmes responsible.

Whether you choose to believe that there is a real past life story that relates to that block is completely irrelevant. What I would like you to accept is the reality that there is something there stopping you. That’s all. And remember – the only belief you need to have is that something is in your subconscious mind. And as everything is energy, then this block too is essentially just energy, so by using an energy technique you can shift and release the energy block.

One such energy technique is the audio I mentioned earlier “Releasing Vows of Poverty”. It is essentially about releasing energy blocks that may or not be real in your timeline, yet are most definitely real in your subconscious, and therefore your current everyday reality. One of my good friends “Bob” was the test case for this recording. “Bob” went from a place of having no money in his wallet, having to rely on his friends to pay for meals when out and juggling money constantly to a place where he had money coming in and in his wallet, and was able to pay back his friends with pride. He attributed part of the transformation process to the “Releasing Vows” recording. In fact, he liked it so much that he bought it twice before I had even made it ready for release for a couple of his own friends who are struggling with abundance.

So that’s what this Life Enhancing Audio is all about – to help you release any vows of poverty, words of power or limiting thought forms or similar patterns that might be preventing you from flourishing abundantly in the world today. It might not be the answer to all of your financial problems (what is?), however, like Bob, you might find that it helps you get to a much better place in your own financial circumstances too.

Find it in my shop now here – “Releasing Vows of Poverty” – with a 20% discount for readers of this newsletter and followers on social media. And it’s also on my App “Hypnosis for Transformation” at the App Store and on Google Play.

Love & Gratitude