Relaxation for Life

Relaxation for Life

“Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer”.

William S. Burroughs

Saturday 13th May 2023 – 10am to 4pm @ the Quaker House in Jordan’s, Bucks


Relaxation for lifeThis workshop has been created to help you both relax for the day and learn new ways (or perhaps remember old ones) of letting go of unecessary stress and tension, and to relax.

The ability to relax is fundamental to your physical, mental and emotional well-being. The more frequently you learn to gift yourself a few minutes of relaxation here and there throughout your day, the more you benefit.

This workshop is a day of experiencing, sharing and learning about relaxation so that you can go home after the workshop and use simple techniques in your everyday life to nurture and sustain you on an ongoinbg basis.

The contents include:

Details coming soon


The Presenters

doug-teaching-new-newDoug Buckingham has worked with himself and his clients for relaxation and destressing techniques since leaving the corporate world in 2002. In the past 20 years he has become an expert on the subjec. Amongst several other talents he is a sound healer, Reiki master and hypnotherapist.

Serap Enver’s personal healing journey over the last decade, and her passion for all things mind body spirit, has led her to the understanding that the most fertile ground for your best life is to be able to stop and be!  At the core of her practice she uses different techniques and modalities to guide clients back to that inner space of relaxation and healing.

Serap is a Mindfulness Meditation and Reklaxation Coach, Shamanic Healer, Hypnotherapist and Reiki teacher.

The Venue

This relaxation for life workshop takes place in a very peaceful location at The Quaker House in Welders Lane, Jordans, Beaconsfield, HP9 2SN. It is one mile from the A40. Seer Green and Jordans Station is 3/4 mile away, with trains from Marylebone station in London.

Your Investment

Your investment is £75  if you book and pay before 31st March 2023.

or £85 if you book and pay after that date.

To book your place for Relaxation for Life pay through this link