Reiki Courses For Your Divine Delight

Reiki Courses For Your Divine Delight

Reiki is probably one of the most powerful self-development tools on the Planet today and the fact that the meaning of Rei-Ki in Japanese is Universal Life Energy probably means I am not going giving it enough credit in the first part of that statement.The effect of Reiki in one’s life and on one’s journey can be quite spectacular.

Reiki I – all about empowering the Self – A tool to shift your energy from A-Z and back again

Reiki II – more about empowering the Self but also working with others – Reiki Symbols – Distance Reiki and more

My next Reiki I and Reiki II courses are this Saturday and Sunday in Greenwich London

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To read reviews of what others said about these courses (and others) click here

Love & Reiki Blessings


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