Re-Creating Your Self 

The reality is that you are constantly changing. New ideas come into your awareness, you have thousands of new thoughts every day, you meet new people, have different experiences, your cells in our bodies renew regularly etc. and all of these things and more cultivate change within you. However, there are times when you need to make bigger and more noticeable changes in your life, and effectively re-create yourself. Fortunately, we can create our own reality, and the science of epigenetics is starting to prove that to those people who didn’t have that belief as part of their DNA originally.


However, re-creation doesn’t necessarily happen without a plan on your part. Happiness comes from the same root word as “to happen”, and so you often need to make things happen in order to generate the happiness you crave within you. When setting about making significant changes in their lives or re-creating themselves, many people go about in the same way they would to try and solve a problem i.e. using what is referred to as their left brain or their conscious mind and analyse or figure things out. That works well up to a point; and as a left-brained example, it is essential to have a plan of action to create change, and preferably something as simple as a,b,c,d – like the one below.

There are many problems and beneficial changes though, that run a little deeper than the obvious and merit a bit of extra right-brain, subconscious inspiration in order to get started, to continue with or to finish them. As Einstein is famously misquoted “problems cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them”, and the same can be said of making important changes in your life. When you need to start moving in a new direction, get a grip on your life, or make important changes then you have to get the right brain or subconscious mind involved and get creative, so that you can start doing something differently.

a) Get Creative

Suggestions to immerse your self in right brain creativity and inspiration are:

 –      Relaxation – when you relax your brain slips into alpha and sometimes theta brainwave, and activates a creative and accelerated learning state.

 –      Visualisation/Imagination – Imagine/visualize something often enough and the subconscious mind accepts it as reality.

 –      Accept and Reframe Mistakes and Failures – and when you do, see them instead as learning experiences. Children fall over countless times before learning to walk.

 –      Smile – Smiling directly affects your nervous system and your immune system for smiling releases the beta endorphin hormone which sends a positive message to the brain and promotes general positivity. Studies show women smile considerably more often than men, and on average they live eight years longer!

 –      Focus on Your Strengths– there’s nothing wrong in working on what you perceive as your weaknesses, so long as it’s not to the detriment of what you do well. When you focus on what you do well, then what you do less well will carry less importance.

 –      Always Remember Your Successes And How Far You Have Come – rather than how far you have to go. Remember that life is like an echo, and if you don’t like what you’re getting in life, then check what it is that you are sending out.

 –      Actively Practice Gratitude – it raise your vibrations and brings new opportunities and people into your life

b) Your Belief

An important point to remember is that believing is seeing and not the other way around. William James (American psychologist and philosopher) said “the bird doesn’t sing because it’s happy; it’s happy because it sings”. He considered the idea that “if we act, then the feeling follows” to be one of the most important discoveries in the field of human development, and this applies to re-creating yourself too.

And remember too, that true belief is simply the belief in possibility. It differs from expectation. If you expect something to happen and it doesn’t happen (when you expect it to), it might destroy your belief. However, if it doesn’t happen, it still continues to exist as a possibility. So, always believe in possibilities without expectation.

Belief creates opportunities and with belief the possibilities are infinite.

c) Your Action

Having a dream, or intention, without taking action, usually means that your dream remains exactly that. Taking action can be difficult for some people, and most people experience that difficulty sometimes. Fear of failure, fear of criticism, fear of this and that can all get in the way of action, and people who don’t take action often have a wealth of very justifiable excuses as to why they haven’t done something. The root of all of them are usually some form of fear.

Successful people (and for successful read happy) generally start to do things right away having got some inspiration and creativity from a point a) perspective above, then find that their behaviour changes their feelings point b) i.e. that their feelings have changed through their behaviour. Less successful people tend to say phrases similar to “I’ll do it when I feel like it” and don’t take action.

d) Reinforcement  

Routine is the route in – your subconscious mind will re-create new patterns in your life when you continually believe in the possibility of the changes you are trying to make. If you embrace the culture of immediacy that we live in too easily, and expect a quick fix for your changes than you might get it. The more common reality, though, for simple and lasting change is that you recreate it and reinforce it within you over time.

And that involves reminders to yourself of what it is that you are trying to do. Reinforcement of course always focuses on the positive (what you believe can happen) and leaves out the negative (what the current situation is or what hasn’t yet happened).

   Remember believing is seeing

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You might of course have other tools to help you with change, and that’s great. Please remember the points above, though, when you want to bring about changes. I will be writing more on this theme in my next month’s newsletter. If you haven’t signed up for that yet, then now is a good time, and you can do that on my website

love & blessings