Taking Relaxing Action

Taking Relaxing Action


This lovely hypnotic relaxation recording aims to help you to be more relaxed in your life and enjoy all the benefits that can bring. **Free with my App**

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One of the sorry facts of 21st Century life is that most people don’t either have enough time or make enough time to relax properly. This has led to an excess of stress in modern society, which in turn has resulted in more and more people being ill. Couple this simple reality with an over-burdened health service, and it is no wonder that more and people are looking at complementary or alternative therapies to help them find their own solutions.

Thankfully, relaxation is one of the easiest areas in life that can be quickly improved, and that can be achieved no matter how busy you are. There are an abundance of relaxation techniques around now, however it is always good to have one that can be used effectively in a very short space of time. This one takes just a little bit of time at the start to listen to this recording a few times and integrate the technique and after that you have a useful little tool at your fingertips whenever you want.

** This recording downloads in a zip file. In that file there are two recordings; an intro and the main hypnosis. I recommend you listen to the whole recording the first time (though there is nothing to stop you listening more often) and after that focus on simply listening to the hypnosis.

*** Please note with all mp3’s on this website the download is automatic when you pay through paypal which is fully automated. If you choose offline payment, and send me a cheque or pay through my bank, then I will send you the mp3 via a transfer company (probably Wetransfer). However it does cause extra time and admin at this end as it is a non-automated process and so costs a £1 more. I’d much rather you took the cheaper option 🙂

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