Speak With Confidence

Speak With Confidence


To help yourself to boost your confidence when speaking up for yourself in public


This audio recording has been created to help you to help yourself to boost your confidence when speaking up for yourself in public – and it can help you each and every day from now on…

Using hypnosis is one of the most effective ways of alleviating low self-confidence and it can quickly help to make considerable improvements in someone’s confidence levels to speak up in public. Typically, hypnosis helps to change your perceptions of the past and free you from unhelpful thought processes so that you can begin to take up new, more helpful ways of thinking.

This recording is designed to give your confidence a boost, and might be really useful perhaps for an upcoming appointment or social gathering or similar situation where you have to speak up. For those type of situations, the intention is that this recording can start to help you to start moving in the right direction, and boost your confidence to speak up for yourself.

For maximum effect I recommend that you listen to this recording regularly over the next few weeks. The more you listen, the more you can experience the benefits of boosting your confidence.


** This recording downloads in a zip file. In that zip file there are several different variations of the recordings,  as well as a brief set of guidelines in a PDF file. I’d suggest you have a quick read of the guidelines first.

*** Please note with all mp3’s on this website the download is automatic when you pay through paypal which is fully automated. If you choose offline payment, and send me a cheque or pay through my bank, then I will send you the mp3 via a transfer company (probably Wetransfer). However it does cause extra time and admin at this end as it is a non-automated process and so costs a £1 more. I’d much rather you took the cheaper option.