Journey to a Positive Past Life


Journey to a Positive Past Life


“Journey to a Positive Past Life” contains an introduction, and then a hypnotic audio, which offers you the opportunity to experience some events in a positive past life and a further opportunity to experience what happens ‘beyond’ that life, aka the spiritual realms or afterlife.


There can be a lot of misunderstandings about past lives. One of the main ones is that the focus is to explore the past life for the sake of digging up the past, out of curiosity or perhaps an interest in a certain period history or of course fascination in the more general nature of the subject matter. These can be valid reasons for past life exploration.

However, they are not the only or even the main reason that most people start looking at their past lives. The majority will investigate the past because they would like to improve an area of their current life. Perhaps one (or more) areas or things are not working quite as well as they would like in their current life…something emotional like a relationship issue, or maybe something psychological like a confidence issue, or even physical ailments and especially unexplainable or undiagnosable ones.

There are in fact many more possibilities. For an undeniable reality is that our consciousness and particularly our subconscious defines our everyday reality. When something is not flowing in our lives, then invariably there is a block in our consciousness, which is preventing that flow.

The goal of looking at a past life experience for most people is to discover what the source of the block is in the subconscious mind and then to release and transform it. Then the current life can flow as it should, so that past life work is utilised as the the powerful modality that it is, in order to understand more about and subsequently enhance the current life.

There is another way, albeit a slightly less common one, in which past lives can be used to help us improve our current life. For not all past lives involve a block which needs to be released. Some are what are referred to as positive past lives, or resource lives. Often, when working with a client for therapeutic reasons, it is necessary to resource a client by accessing and connecting them to a positive past life. It is a simple technique that can be highly beneficial for the client on their journey of transformation.

This can also be easily done in the course of everyday life (without being a client working on a therapeutic outcome) and that’s why I have created this recording, as it is a simple yet remarkably effective technique for self-development.

Positive past live resources can be extremely helpful in the course of everyday life, and I have worked with clients in this way to enhance such areas as confidence, social contact, general emotional well-being, decision making, procrastination, fear of death and many more.

“Journey to a Positive Past Life” contains an introduction, and then a hypnotic audio, which offers you the opportunity to experience some events in a positive past life and a further opportunity to experience what happens ‘beyond’ that life, aka the spiritual realms or afterlife.

When you buy this audio, then it is absolutely vital to listen to the introduction and take note of the tips there before proceeding to the “Journey to a Positive Past Life” section, as the intro offers vital information that can enhance your ability to access a positive past life experience.

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I’ve had SO MUCH FUN with the positive past life regression meditation cd, so thanks. The relaxation part is soooooo thorough & the background music is really like holding & supportive, & so my dreams have just taken off in a very new direction. I’m also very pleased that in your talk at the beginning you  explain that past life memories are not just visual -there was/is so much going on so many levels -all these tiny positive  changes have a tendency to accumulate-so thank you for a very well thought out & very healing self help tool.” S. S. London

“This is the first one of these past life recordings that have worked for me, and as an avid seeker in this area, I have probably tried them all. I think one of the main things that worked was that the Introduction explained more than in other recordings I have listened to, and that gave me a couple of simple understandings that I hadn’t had previously. Then the voice, which really worked for me. And that seems to be important for this kind of thing, and Doug has a great voice for Hypnosis and Regression. “ Angela W., London.

“Loved it. Used this several times already and keep coming up with fascinating snippets which are really synchronistic for me. Thanks.” John P., Liverpool

“I was a little scared about Past Lives before and this prevented me accessing them on audios or YouTube, and once in a workshop too. This one helped to understand a little more about the process, and now I am getting more and more each time I listen to it (every night…lol)” Rebekka, Surrey

Totally awesome!!! Thanks” Michael, Bucks.

“Never believed in this stuff until I randomly met Doug a few months ago, had a hypnosis session and then a regression and now this is blowing my mind even more. I am just thinking there is limitless potential for humanity, after listening to this and realising there is limitless potential for me. Great.” Kat, New York.


** This positive past life mp3 recording downloads in a zip file. In that zip file there are several different variations of the recordings,  as well as a brief set of guidelines in a PDF file. I’d suggest you have a quick read of the guidelines first.

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Journey to a positive past life

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