Keeping Clear Boundaries

Keeping Clear Boundaries


This is a good, effective technique for helping you to protect your own energy field, and to keep clear boundaries.

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Keeping Clear Boundaries has been created to do exactly that and to stay healthy and happy in the process.

Everything in the Universe is energy, vibrating at different frequencies. So, that means that you, me and everything around us is energy. And the reality is that we are much than just our physical bodies, and in fact have energy bodies or an aura all around us. In the same way that you need to take care of the outside of your physical body by showering to keep your skin clean and fresh,, and other daily cleaning habits, you also need to take care of your energy bodies.

For our energy bodies may become congested or sluggish with all of the things we can’t see around us getting caught up in them. Much like dust or dirt gathers on physical objects, energy such as old emotions and feelings, thoughts and even other people’s energies might get caught up in our energy field. Recent studies from a biological research team at Bielefeld University in Germany helped to make a ground-breaking discovery showing that plants can draw an alternative source of energy from other plants. Plants need water and light to grow and people are no different, as we are also able draw (and give) energy from others in pretty much the same way.

So, it is important to be pro-active about that and to keep our own boundaries strong to prevent that happening, and also to cleanse ourselves regularly to let go of what we have unwittingly take inside our energy boundary.

When you take time and pay intention to these aspects of ourselves, you can give a welcome boost to your immune system, and general well-being.

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