Life Enhancing Audio mp3s

Life Enhancing Audio mp3s

I have a wonderful selection of Life Enhancing Audio recordings available for sale here. All of these recordings deal with subjects that are beneficial in the current life and so are life enhancing. When you purchase a recording, I recommend that you listen to it repeatedly over time, and preferably two to three weeks. It is proven that repeated listening to recordings of this nature combined with a positive intention for change help to create fresh neural  pathways in the brain, which then help to bring about permanent change in your everyday reality. Motivation and commitment to your self when listening to these recordings can aid tremendous transformations in your life.

All of the recordings (bar a couple) are recording studio quality and they have produced excellent results for many people.

All of these recordings are also available through my App “Hypnosis for Transformation” which costs 99 pence to download either at the App Store or on Google Play . There are several free recordings available on the App.

I can also produce specially-tailored life enhancing audio either for you as an individual, or for your group or business – for more details click here

One client recently commented that….

“Doug’s calm yet powerful voice always puts me at ease right away. It is a guiding force, ideal for hypnosis and for strengthening its effects. I have benefitted tremendously not only from his pre-recorded mp3s but also from his tailor-made hypnosis made specifically for my needs and various circumstances. Hypnosis is quite simple and effective already as a tool itself, but having hypnosis from Doug is a necessary luxury.”

And another said

“thank you for creating your recordings – I have been listening to a few of them regularly early in the mornings for a few weeks now and they are making a huge difference to my days. On Wednesday 2 people actively commented on my energy, and i really think it’s because i had released myself and energised myself by listening to the cutting cords one in the morning. I love the energy management exercises on the disc that I bought too, they have really helped me get perspective and relax in moments of stress and overwhelm. It’s powerful and beautiful stuff!” S. P.

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