Peter Kleiner Crystals

Peter Kleiner Crystals

Peter Kleiner Crystals

I have a wonderful collection of Peter Kleiner crystals for sale, and I have some of them on this website for sale. Many more are at home in a special cabinet and if you are interested to see more, then I can Skype you around the cabinet.  All of Peter’s crystals has something very special about them and when choosing one maybe that something special speaks to you.

The late Peter Kleiner was a crystal healer and crystal teacher and co-founder of the Vibrational Healing Foundation in London. Apparently Peter used to pick crystals up when he was still crawling as a bambino.  Later in life, he travelled the world seeking and searching out crystals, and buying and selling them, though his buying and selling was just a mere side line of his passion for things sparkly. His love was not only limited to crystals from this planet, as he had an adoration for tektites too.

One of his several trademarks was the “sawn bottom”. He used to cut the uneven base of crystals off so they would stand up on their own. He also used to make funky jewellery with his stones and that these pieces are now hard to find….unless you know where to look…

Apparently when he had a stall at one of the other rock and gem shows it just used to just stop people in their  tracks and mesmerise them. He had pieces to fit all budgets and every stone was special and had ‘something about it”. That’s part of the beauty of being a guardian of a small part of his collection.

Peter polished and shaped, cared for and worked with many crystals during his lifetime and the way in which he selected, or was drawn to, certain crystals is reflected in the rather special vibration of each the crystals that were under his guardianship. It feels that Peter charged his crystals with a rather special energy and a purpose, and that’s reflected in and intuitively understood by those that are attracted to his pieces today.

He has been described by some as a Crystal Light Being during his time on Earth, and I rather suspect that he is still looking after those crystals today in some way.

I hope you enjoy your time with your crystals.

Love & blessings


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