Clear Quartz Crystal Pyramids

Clear Quartz Crystal Pyramids


Here you will find a selection of Clear Quartz Crystal Pyramids between 5 and 14 inches, all of which are available for sale at excellent prices. The pyramids can be heard in the videos on the respective pages, or over Skype, or you can come to see me and hear this (and others) in person or you can of course choose them intuitively.

You will see on other pages on this site, and other websites that sound is an excellent healing tool. Crystal pyramids have not been around for very long, and already many people have and still are experiencing the benefits of these.

I am of the opinion that all sound healing tools are hugely transformational for those of us who are on a journey of inner discovery, and whether it’s any of the bowls or pyramids on this site or ones on other sites, then my advice is try them. For those of us who work with sound for clients, they are an essential purchase.

There is also a well-priced “live recording” of a group crystal bowl session here in case you are interested in finding out more about how these wonderfully transformational instruments sound.

There is also a free version of it when you purchase my App “Hypnosis for Transformation” at the App Store or on Google Play 

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